760 words

I always expect more words the first time I check the count. I’m always disappointed. Later on, I usually have more than I expect, and am delighted by my progress, but that first check is always frustrating. I’ve gotten so that I hold off on checking, just so I won’t get a low first number… Continue reading 760 words

Computer Issues

Tried clearing the cache and cookies from my writing computer — still can’t get back on my site. Meanwhile, downstairs the DSL modem stopped working for Matt, which means I can’t get on the site from down there either. So anyone from the community reading this — please pass on the fact that I’m stranded.… Continue reading Computer Issues

Back to it.

Finished through scene 20 last night — have done 21 and am starting on 22 right now. These are rough two-to-three-sentence outlines that just hit on how each scene expresses that scene’s conflict and how it ties in to the major theme (or secondary theme). It is, from experience, not something you can show to… Continue reading Back to it.

I’m really looking forward to getting back to writing.

Today I have had the endless fun of reloading software, remembering passwords, and getting things to work. Yippee. This is not the way I like to spend my work time; unfortunately, in order to use the computer, first you gotta make it run. Giant, lumpy, hairy pain in the ass. It is, however, more fun… Continue reading I’m really looking forward to getting back to writing.


My goddamned work-computer internet connection/modem works now. Only had to reformat the hard drive twice to get it to work again, too (and this after every other possible option had been exhausted, and me with it.) But I can blog while I write again, and I can research, and — ah, for joy, for frabjous… Continue reading I am TRIUMPHANT