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  • 2081 words. It flew today

    The kids, having found an unexpected ally, have just discovered that their ally’s help came at great cost — and now the question is, are they going to even survive the trouble one innocent-sounding question has put them in. Here’s just a snippet of today’s work. The usual caveats apply.

  • A largish snippet from the Work in Progress

    The usual caveats apply. This is virgin (which means unread even by me) first draft. All typos and stupidities remain intact — I’ll get them on the second go-round, but right now I’m just writing. This is, in first draft, how the thing opens. Everything is subject to change. With that said, here are the…

  • Everything done, off, in time

    The proposal, the maps … wanna see the maps? Warning. They’re huuuuuuuuuge. Have a fast connection or a lot of time. Map of the World of Korre — 302 KBMap of the Island of Hyre — 165 KB

  • So nothing is ever simple

    Russ didn’t ask for much in the way of changes to the proposal — those he did ask for I should be able to knock out this afternoon. It’s the other stuff that’s going to be a challenge. I need to do a detail map of Hyre. Already had a continent map, but that is…

  • This last proposal passed muster

    The letter from Russ reads, Holly, This version of Talyn is the final version. I see a few tiny things I’d like tucked in, but there will be no further changes to the overall structure and plot. This time you’ve hit a home run. It’s really amazing how huge an improvement this over all past…

  • Do you remember the Hampsters

    Once upon a time, the dumbest site on the Internet, but one of the most weirdly addictive, was (yeah, it was misspelled). Out of some weird perverse urge, I looked it up today. It’s gone, replaced by None of the charm, a million times more merchandising. But in my disappointment at not being…

  • Another odd personality quiz

    And my results. BLUE You give your love and friendship unconditionaly. You enjoy long, thoughful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive. Find out your color at!

  • Almost out of Sunday

    Didn’t write anything new on Friday, though I did revise heavily. Didn’t write Saturday. Didn’t write Sunday. I’m so tired breathing seems like an unnecessary effort.

  • Well, it’s Friday

    I’ve had a couple of good writing days, took off yesterday completely to celebrate Valentine’s Day and play my Valentine’s Day present, Majesty … oh, boy … talk about a game that will keep you glued to the computer. Today I’m going to take a run at between 1500 and 2000 words on the proposal.…

  • Crawling out of post-book depression

    I don’t know why it happens. I just know that it does. But today, after a week of living in a friggin’ gloomy fog, I’m ready to get back to work for real. I think. I hope. I’m trying to decide if post-book depression is just another name for being lazy after a hard run.