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  • Ohio Novel Merchandise… To be? Or not to be?

    Ohio Novel Merchandise… To be? Or not to be?

    Over on my Ko-Fi page, I’ve opened up the idea of early-access Ohio Novel merchandise (link opens in new tab) — stuff like T-shirts or coffee cups or other things that would help fund my weekly fiction writing hours, while at the same time giving potential urban fantasy readers some tiny peeks into the world…

  • Content for the 5 Free Live Writing Chats

    I now have the 5 Free Live Writing Chats set up in my calendar, and have each chat broken out according to content. This way, if you have specific questions, you can plan accordingly. You can use this link to join the chat series at any time. (Link opens in new tab) You’ll receive notifications…

  • Surprise!

    NOTE: I’m not a Christian, and this is Christian—it’s also beautiful, and wonderful. Enjoy—and Merry Christmas. Sent to me by Amy Kuhns, and definitely good enough to pass on.

  • How to write a novel

    Oh, ghod. I wish I hadn’t heard wannabee writers say every single one of the things you’ll hear here. Thanks to Jim Woosley, who sent the link. (For the queasiness, too, dude.)

  • presents: Holly Lisle and the Case of the Exploding Cat

    My first writing crit video.

  • Stuck

    I hit a wall yesterday on THE SILVER DOOR. I’m in the process of getting unstuck. You can watch me getting unstuck (using Inspiration) here: