The Wishbone Conspiracy: A Fine Friday

Spiffy, spiffy day today, though kind of horrifying, too. I followed Cady’s situation to its logical conclusion, and she’s literally up to her neck in one of those moments I would have previously identifyed as “bad,” but which some of my readers have told me counts as horror. Well, folks who have read and liked Hunting… Continue reading The Wishbone Conspiracy: A Fine Friday

Asking a Favor

Does anyone have a copy of “Pensive Ruminations on Impermanence in a Technophilic World,” Aboriginal, #31-#32, Summer, 1992? (poem) I don’t have a copy anymore, and have tried like hell to remember the thing, and can’t. I’d like to put the thing up on the webside along with To an Android Lover .

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Good days happen

Good days happenWithout warning, after bad days, in spite of too much sun or rain Laughter bursts out of dark corners and explodes whole roomsClearing cobwebs with astonishing speedDread wearies of itself, and falls exhausted to the floor, Overcome by its own mutterings, melodramatic in its flung poseGood news sneaks in over the transom, under… Continue reading Good days happen

And apropos of nothing

Another poem I dug off my hard drive, this one really short. Wrote it for a character that I have not yet used, back on June 6, 1999. It will eventually go into the book that I’m working around the character that sprang from this poem, but here’s the poem, well in advance. EPITAPH OF… Continue reading And apropos of nothing