Category: Sunrises

  • Great Clouds

    Cool sunrise pic. I’m almost finished with the words.

  • Best Ghosts

    Oh, what the hell. Here are my BEST ghost pictures. I didn’t include my best ghost pictures in my photo essay, because they were my worst pictures. Lens artifacts bug me. But from a spectulative point of view, these are kind of neat. Comments intentionally enabled.

  • And This Morning, Ghosts

    Or maybe ghosts. I got pictures.

  • Living Dangerously

    Out on the back porch in yellow Eeyore jammies to get this. I’m living dangerously — no doubt about it.

  • A Nubby Cloud Sunrise

    I like sunrises. What can I say? Back yard about ten minutes ago.

  • Sunrise

    I love watching the sun come up. Right now it’s illuminating the dew on the grass out my back window, and etching some elegant traceries through the line of woods at the back of the yard. It will actually be over the horizon soon. I spent years working in a room with no window and…

  • Keeping Writers’ Hours

    Just a note for your amusement — for those who equate full-time writing with sleeping until noon and hanging out in the coffee shop until midnight before sitting down for an hour of angst at the keyboard (or with pen and quill), here’s my schedule. Up at 4:30 AM. Write 3000 words before 8:30 AM.…