Category: Sunrises

  • Exquisite Morning

    Went outside just minutes ago (to dump trash—how mundane). The air was crisp and cool and smelled sweet with the hint of damp earth and green things growing; the dawnlight on the horizon barely pinked. Roosters crowed, frogs cheeped, and one mockingbird sang with real vigor. In the cloudless sky, Venus and Mars (I think)…

  • December Affiliate Newsletter is up

    You can find out who the monthly bonus winner is, and just a bit more (short letter this month). And this was my morning sky. Cold weather out, bright sun, and some very boxy clouds.

  • Today’s Sunrise

    The sunrise today was a touch blurred by mist in the air. This either wrecks the image, or gives it a dreamy, painterly quality, depending on your tastes. In either case, it’s posted for your viewing pleasure, with a desktop wallpaper below the fold.

  • First Sunrise I’ve Seen in a Week

    Today’s sunrise was pretty, if not spectacular. For me, though, the best thing about it was that I was awake to see it, and feeling good enough to go take a picture. Wallpapers below the fold.

  • Mystery of the Ghosts Explained

    This morning I has a neat, creepy layer of fog suspended between the ground and the treeline, and I decided it would be worth a picture. In taking the picture, I unravelled the Mystery of The Ghosts. This morning my back yard played host to Ghost Lollapalooza. And I think I know why.

  • The Sunrise Topic

    Why not a sunrises topic? My sunrises are obviously going to be a recurring feature here — might as well make them all easy to find. This is the one that was hidden in a writing post. All the rest you can either find or click through to by clicking on either the Sunrises topic,…

  • Every Sunrise Is a Gift

    Every sunrise is a gift, every lovely sunrise doubly so. I spent seven-and-a-half years in a place where buildings and the design of our townhouse blocked out the sunrises. I was up early enough — I’m a morning person. Sunrises have always meant something special to me. In spite of which, I missed every one.…

  • Blue Horses: Loving the Real

      Picasso and Franz Marc might seem to be odd folks to remember from public school kindergarten. But my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Quimby, had us doing crayon copies of their work, and discussing what we liked about it. She didn’t name the artists, or the paintings, but I still vividly recall my encounter with Big…

  • Sunrise

    Some days, you need a good sunrise. Here was mine. More pictures, plus new sunrise wallpapers, below the cut.

  • Winter Sunrise Wallpaper

    I got a great sunrise over my back yard on the seventh. I posted it at basic desktop wallpaper size. Click the image for the larger version