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  • Protected: Well-done allegory

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  • Protected: A notice on anti-U.S.A. replies to this weblog

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  • Slog, slog, slog.

    Slog, slog, slog. Bitch, bitch, bitch. Die, book, die. (Excerpted from Dick and Jane Grow Up and Become Whiny Writers Behind on Their Deadlines)

  • Forty-two

    I measure the passage of time now in terms of hard-to-get fruit and vegetables — black cherries and avocados, peaches, good Midwestern corn on the cob, apples with local names and real bite, blackberries and nectarines and beefsteak tomatoes, morel mushrooms. I miss the drifting of snow, the budding out of trees, the apple blossoms…

  • The Bitter Triumph of Hamtaro

    I got a bit over 1500 words today, but did not quite make it to the epic battle — though Thor, Loki, and most of the Sentinels are in the back of Thor’s pick-up truck (Thor’s chariot and goats, Tanngr�snir and Tanngnj�str, in disguise) and on the way to head off the keth. Unfortunately, they’re…

  • Looking for disaster

    Today I need an epic battle. With Loki and other old gods on hand, and dark gods come looking to slaughter Lauren and end the worldchain’s hope of revival, and with a bunch of poor mortals thrown into the mix, an epic battle should be within my grasp. But there’s a problem. The invidious, hideous…

  • Up the stairs

    This time last year, nothing had yet happened in New York. I’m thinking about that, and thinking — There are two ways to deal with the aftermath of such senseless violence and such evil. The first is to dwell on all we have lost, to focus endlessly on our pain and grief, and to weaken…

  • Writing, and Linux

    The writing did not go well yesterday, but some days are like that. I stalled out on Molly. Today, however, I worked through all of Molly’s story and most of Lauren’s, including developing Lauren’s major conflict, which will drive the rest of the book. Still have some work to do on notecards, but will have…

  • The lines of the war are drawn, and Intel is the enemy

    Trusted computing — An initiative that demonstrates fully and finally that it’s time to walk away from Intel, Microsoft, and a horde of others. In this instance, Linux and old boxes may be the real future of independent, secure-for-the-consumer computing. Take a look — this is grim stuff.

  • Writing: The Profession NO One Respects

    I have debated even posting this — it’s a hot topic, I’m angry, and I dare not use names. Under such circumstances before, I have summoned more lightning than I care to deal with. Nevertheless, this must be said. Not one, but two, big SF/Fantasy editors have now said, in almost exactly the same words,…