Category: Mind/Body

  • A mere 30 pages from the end

    Never underestimate the power of pain, and having lying down hurt as much as sitting up. I’ve done an enormous amount of writing, rewriting, and revising today, and only have thirty pages of The Wreck of Heaven‘s manuscript left at this point — and most of those page, I think, are going to get the…

  • Threw my back out

    Badly. Was running this morning, didn’t feel anything go wrong, but afterwords … oh, mama. And now I can’t move without screaming. Takes much of the fun out of sitting and working, but sitting doesn’t hurt quite as bad as lying down, so ….

  • Oh, and I ran today

    Bit over a mile, twenty minutes of running, ten minutes of warm-up and cool-down. Nothing to set the world on fire, but between that and the Thigh Master while I write, I’ve actually done some good things for myself. Now I just need an ending.