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  • Ohio Novel #5- 251 words on Chapter 2

    Ohio Novel #5- 251 words on Chapter 2

    So to get the context of this, the picture above is what’s going on outside my house right now. I’m inside, where it’s warm (if you’re wearing sweatpants, double-layered socks, and a hand-knit wool sweater, anyway). I’m writing about Ohio in the spring… which (ahem) this ain’t… while looking out the window at snow spiraling…

  • A “Happy-Holidays, Goodbye-and-Good-Riddance-to-2020” post.

    A “Happy-Holidays, Goodbye-and-Good-Riddance-to-2020” post.

    I’ve done basic tasks today — email, forums, and the help desk. I think I’m not alone in considering 2020 an awful year… though I’ve had quite a few that were worse personally. But they were worse privately, without the disasters spreading much past me and mine. I got dragged to some of the more…

  • The Summer of Fiction Writing EVENT at

    The Summer of Fiction Writing EVENT at

    To help writers beat the summer doldrums, I’m going to be hosting a Summer of Fiction Writing event on (HWC). During this three-month writing party, (June 1st – August 31st) folks in the free HCW writers’ community: Will focus on helping newer writers create smaller start-to-finish projects written in the months of June, July,…