Do I still recommend John Locke? No.

Back at the end of June, 2011, I read a book that succeeded because of a lie, and I turned my entire life upside down as a result of that lie. The book was, of course, John Locke’s How I Sold 1 Million Ebooks in 5 Months. Like a lot of other writers, I let… Continue reading Do I still recommend John Locke? No.

A thoughtful post on Christian/Muslim reconciliation

The writer of this is Quaker (I used to be) and a visiting scholar at Yale Divinity School. My personal take on any religion is “no, thanks,” but I am a firm supporter of freedom of religion. And of tolerance, defined as follows: I will tolerate you, your quirks, and your beliefs, if you will… Continue reading A thoughtful post on Christian/Muslim reconciliation


I’m doing the copyedit of HAWKSPAR right now. This time, everything is still there. It’s a much more pleasant experience than going through your manuscript and discovering your editor removed your second protagonist, lemme tell you. Have to have the manuscript back by November 1st, and it’s a big, big book, so I’m going to… Continue reading HAWKSPAR

At Last, Good News

I heard from my Tor editor today that HAWKSPAR will be coming out at full length in one volume. The odds of Tor wanting REDBIRD, the third stand-alone in the world, are somewhere between slim and none, but at least the second book will be right, not ruined. I’m very, very happy about this news.

Yipes! It’s Friday [Snippets]!

Time flies when someone is wrecking your book. I can’t believe it’s Friday again. Here’s Aaran (that unnecessary male) when he makes his first appearance in HAWKSPAR. Second scene–the entire second scene, not just a snippet, so it’s really long. (Hence the more note two paragraphs down so that I don’t kill the important shipping… Continue reading Yipes! It’s Friday [Snippets]!

And on to saner things, plus Book Giveaway update

The GREEN MAGIC I proposal left at the beginning of the week, unmentioned and unlauded, but done at last to my satisfaction. HAWKSPAR is unresolved–I won’t know anything more about it until I hear back from my agent, Robin. And I am in the midst of happier–much happier–things. THE RUBY KEY, you see, felt short… Continue reading And on to saner things, plus Book Giveaway update

HAWKSPAR problems

Some significant editing problems surfaced during my revision of the copyedit of HAWKSPAR. I’m on hold on the revision while we sort them out. So this week I’ll be finishing the type-in of the GREEN MAGIC proposal, and getting back to the revision concepts for RUBY KEY.