Category: Onyx Proposal

  • Done, Done, Done!

    I’ll have to go over it again, make sure it’s clean and that I haven’t gone to sideways with the story, and that I haven’t overcomplicated things again. But the new proposal for Claire is done in first draft.

  • Decent Progress

    I don’t want this to turn into writing the book, and my synopsizing keeps trying to turn into scenes. A good sign from the point of view of writing the thing. Not so good when trying to finish something short that I can then shoot out the door.

  • Rain

    The most beautiful autumn rain is coming down outside my open window right now, and three cats are jammed nose-to-butt in the windowsill watching it. The rain smells amazing, and it sounds so pretty I turned off the writing music for a while just to enjoy it. I can write to a good, steady rain,…

  • Zen Playlist #1

    When I haven’t put together a soundtrack for a particular project yet, I have a fallback writing soundtrack I’ve titled Zen Playlist #1. This is it. Content on it shifts a little from time to time, (Wide Open Spaces is gone, the Johnny Cash song is new), but it’s the collection of songs I can…

  • Wake-Up Call

    Woke up this morning with answers, three minutes before the alarm clock would have gone off. One of the better ways to wake up, incidentally. One of my answers was betrayal by a trusted friend and colleague. The other, the moment when all that work I did on shadows yesterday clicked and I knew exactly…

  • About Half the Proposal Written

    I think this time I got something I’ll get to keep. The rest has to wait for tomorrow, though. The rest of today is spoken for with family stuff.

  • Found My Villain

    Found my villain here, and also here. And I have a couple of ideas now for specific crimes. This story should be fast-paced, terrifying, and horribly possible. And as a bit of extra fun on corporate villainy, check out this list on overthrowing corporate rule. The corporatization of hospitals and other healthcare providers should be…

  • Tough, Tough Going

    I have my heroine’s profession, my hero’s profession, the terrifying way they end up together. The dog. I have this GREAT dog. What I’m missing now is the specific crime, and if you want to have a miserable few hours, start looking up crimes on the internet. Bleh. I am standing fast on my No…

  • And a Shadow Passes

    An Editorial on the Death of Arafat More ‘shadow of death’ stuff.

  • I am the shadow you seek

    The ten-minute timed writing exercise. It’s sort of long, so I put it in the click-through text. Just click the link for more if you’re interested. I’m always surprised by how rich these things turn out, how very meaty and full of juice. I have things in here that I can definitely use. What this…