Category: Onyx Proposal

  • Almost Done With the Synopsis

    Figure I’ll finish today. It’s going well; I had a great idea when I first woke up this morning about how I could use the very small paranormal element at a critical point in the plot; and the shape of the thing is falling beautifully into place.

  • Numbers for the Next Schedule

    Have to keep in mind a couple of things for this. I’m going to be sticking to the 2000 words/day schedule and a five day workweek if I can. With that in mind, I have a 180,000-word novel to revise and a 100,000-word novel to write, and I’d like to take some time in December…

  • How It’s All Going

    I guess I ought to clarify the whole business with C. Robin likes it quite well as a future submission to Knopf. She doesn’t like it at all as a current submission to Onyx. It’s simply the wrong sort of book, but I knew that as I was writing it. I will definitely keep working…

  • Onyx Proposal Progress

    Have done close to 2000 new words today on background plus synopsis. I love this story — Matt and I started kicking around ideas the day before yesterday, yesterday I went out and bought a handful of background books, and this morning things were cooking. Whether it will go? Well, that we don’t know. But…

  • So … The Clock Just Ran Out

    First, I guess I’ll note that my agent does not love C. She’s read the first 190 pages of it, and notes that it’s “smart — and what I call a confrontational novel. It forces the reader to think.” This makes it decidedly not commercial, which I pretty much knew while I was working on…

  • Back

    Still feel like crap … however, I’m going to go sit in Word Wars at’s chat and run back-to-back tens and post numbers, and hope that will get me through today.

  • Hopeless

    Got some of the proposal done, but nothing on HAWKSPAR. Going to have to go to bed. Either call this one of my last two re-think days, or see if I can get the 3000 words later.

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Woke up at 1:45 AM feeling like a cross between the buzzard’s breakfast and a bag of hammered rat turds, but writers on deadline don’t get sick days. Sleep-in-late days, yeah. But you don’t get to go back to bed until the words are done anyway, so the workday is what it is, and looking…

  • 900, and The Wrist Went”Click”

    Got a lot done, but I’m also done with typing for the day. My left wrist did something funky, and now it hurts. I’m going to go read a bunch of TALYN proofs, and put my feet up, and at some point take a nap. 4603 total words for the day.

  • 635 Words Into New Proposal

    It’s going pretty well, but I’m getting a serious case of brain burn. After a couple more ten-minute runs, I’m going to take a break (kind of) and read TALYN proofs for a while. Have already written 4338 words today, and it’s only 11 AM.