Category: Onyx Proposal

  • Progress

    In spite of the migraine, got about seven pages rethought and rewritten on the Onyx proposal. This out of the extant fourteen. And I managed to get a plot issue worked out. If it sells, it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun to write. That’s decent progress. But I’m done for…

  • Back at Work

    So the migraine started Friday afternoon. Had it all day Saturday, and most of Sunday. It’s still lingering behind my eyes right now, warning. But I took off the weekend, spent a lot of time sleeping, and Matt and I bounced ideas off of each other on my second draft of the proposal synopsis. Back…

  • Finished Second Version of Outline

    I’ll take the weekend and make sure that it’s okay, and send it off to my agent on Monday. I’m happy with it right now, though.

  • Got What I Need

    This rough east-cost map (located by Jim Woosley), made it clear that I had one place in Costa Rica where I could drop my wreck and use the methods I want to use to have my folks find it. Boca del Rio Colorado, which serves as the border between Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Isla Brava,…

  • Need Some Research Help with the Onyx Proposal

    I’m looking for topographical maps or images of the seafloor off the east coast of Costa Rica, out to about five miles — though more would be better than less — and preferably presented on the web, though if the maps are attainable through simple, reasonably-priced purchase (twenty bucks max), that would be okay, too.…

  • The Gruesome To-Do List

    As time permits in between writing the proposal and revising Hawkspar, I want to do a little work on rounding out the template I made for this weblog. I need to get stuff set up for next year’s homeschooling. And I’ve GOT to come up with a new title for this weblog. Done with Silent…

  • Got All Forty Scenes

    Transferring the outline from Inspiration to Word, starting on new proposal now. It’s going well so far.

  • Scenes Outlined

    Have half of the scenes outlined, though not all of them are in order. It’s going pretty well.

  • Book Setup for the Onyx Proposal

    100,000 words. 2500 words per scene. 2 scenes per chapter. 40 scenes. 20 chapters. That should work.

  • Second Draft

    Finished as much of the first draft yesterday as I could get, and sat for a couple of hours with my guy batting ideas back and forth about how I could fix it. It was a great discussion, and I came away from it with clear direction and excitement: This is exactly what you want…