Category: Onyx Proposal

  • Okay — NOW It’s Going Well

    Hot damn — a couple of the weird little pictures from yesterday’s brainstorming session just clicked in a very big way, and words are flying. I’m finding Dia’s stalker fascinating — he’s a product of his times, his education, and his passions, and he has some weird damned quirks … but they aren’t weird for…

  • Back at Work

    Weekends are off the table for a bit. Won’t say it’s going well, but it’s going.

  • When the Story Starts with No Words

    How to brainstorm a novel using Inspiration

  • Back to Scratch

    Finished talking to Robin. The proposal I sent won’t do — while it’s a solid proposal, she pointed out places where it was too romance-y and not sufficiently suspense-y or weird. Not enough me, in her words. She liked Brig Hafferty (from MIDNIGHT RAIN) coming back, and she liked my beleaguered EMT/paramedic main character, and…

  • Manuscript Crawl

    I’m working on the intro pages for the Onyx proposal right now. First scene was easy, involving as it did betrayal, murder, explosions, and sharks. If it starts with a boat and ends with a boom, my writing flows like water. Second scene, however, intros two of the three main characters and one critical minor…

  • Proposal, and Proposal

    Last spell-check and correction completed, proposal on its way to Robin, and I’m starting a second one now, in case Claire doesn’t like the first one. Got the idea for this next one while looking at a fogged-over bathroom mirror.

  • Still Working

    I’ve added over two thousand words to this thing today. And I thought I was just going to be polishing. It’s over 6000 words now. But it’s better. And I came up with a kick-ass new ending just this second that finishes the thing with a great twist. Hope Robin and Claire love it as…

  • On the Menu for Today

    Doing the rewrite now. Matt found stuff at the end that needed to be fixed. It’s going well.

  • Nearly Done with Step A

    I have the finished version of the outline for the latest Onyx proposal just about in the can. Finally had a really good writing day un-plagued by migraines. So I’ll print this off and have Matt go over it over the weekend, and do a mop-up run through it Monday before I send it off.…

  • Onyx Proposal Progresses

    Am coming up with some good plot twists and nice villains and red-herring villains for the proposal. The headaches aren’t helping with the workload, and I’m stressed about getting this done and in on time (which doesn’t help with the headaches), but I am making progress.