Category: Onyx Proposal

  • Finished and Sent Proposal

    I like this. I would love to write this. It has some cool POV tangles, and a nice element of scary-but-not-what-you-think that becomes even scarier when you know what’s really going on. I think it will be tough to write — the balance between what the reader thinks he knows and the truth will be…

  • Basic Idea and Way Cool Title Down

    Have the premise for the story down on screen now. Roughly three pages — the initial set-up and conflict. Have a kick-ass title that gives me goosebumps. Need to sketch out the action for the later story, and keep the whole thing to ten pages. This wants to run, so that may be tough.

  • Yesterday on TALYN Copyedit; Today on Proposal

    Got all the way to page 569 on the copyedit yesterday. The DONE pile is now much larger than the PENDING pile, which is a nice state of affairs. Will work on the copyedit more later today. For now, I’m starting a new proposal. Had an idea to meld the good ideas I had from…

  • Wreck of a Fine Idea

    Finished the proposal yesterday, and realized that it was a book I would hate to write. I loved the concept, but the execution made me want to hit my head on hard things. So I sent my agent a note letting her know the proposal wouldn’t be coming after all because it reeked. Back to…

  • 2081 words

    Decent count on the suspense/romance. Mostly suspense at this point. And I like what I got. Time to go rest for a while. It’s been a long day.