We Have an Offer!

We (my agent Robin Rue and I) have received an offer on the Onyx Proposal. Better, we have accepted the offer. Barring acts of God, I’ve finally sold the thing, and though acts of God can occur right up until you sign the contract, I’m going to leap on faith here and dare to believe… Continue reading We Have an Offer!

Proposal Version 2 Done

Finished up the proposal draft around four o’clock, have the revisions planned out for tomorrow (they’re small), and will get the thing out to Claire fairly early in the day. I’m hopeful. And I got to write with Jean for a few hours, which was great.

Stage Two — Check

My editor, Claire, has okayed the proposal. Next, I’ll put together a ten-page synopsis, which she will send on to the publisher. Getting the publisher’s approval will be step three.

Slowly … Slowly …

Spent yesterday thinking through a list of questions I received from Claire, and working through them, and then typing up the reply — the only part of the process that was at all quick or easy. I like what I’m getting; I’m hoping that she and Kara will, too.