Longview 4: Gunslinger Moon — Free downloadable sample

By Holly Lisle

IN THIS EPISODE: Gunslinger Moon

When freedom is silenced, who speaks for it?

Ex-PHTF slave WE-39R (This Criminal, from Episode 1), renamed Jex, is part of a team the Longview’s owner has tasked with finding the meaning behind Bashtyk Nokyd’s enigmatic final diagram. Drawing the most undesirable assignment, Jex and an unlikely ally fight their way to pieces of the truth.

Want to read the first three chapters to see if you’d like the story?

This is the fourth story in the Tales from the Longview series, and like the others, it stands alone (though you’ll find a much bigger connecting story if you read them in order).

Other stories:

The free PDF sample below is sharable anywhere.

And I hope you enjoy the story.

Longview 4: Gunslinger Moon SAMPLE
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So… Free Stories for SF and Fantasy Readers? Yep…

By Holly Lisle

I’ve been doing “indie” stuff to get ready for bringing out Longview #4: Gunslinger Moon.

I’ve put together a special SF & F Reader Notification list for folks who like the genres, and set up two free stories that you can get.

OddfolksThe first you receive automatically when you join the list. Oddfolks is “odd fantasy.”

You sign up and confirm your email address, and you receive a confirmation email that includes the link to Oddfolks. There are two very short stories in the little book, along with details of the bigger project I hope it becomes.

Last Thorsday NightThe second story?

Last Thorsday Night is longer (about 8000 words), and previously published — but none of my SF & F readers will have found it. It’s time travel SF and I love it, and I hope you will too.

In the confirmation email that takes you to Oddfolks, you’ll ALSO receive the option to recommend the first story (and by extension, me as a writer you think folks would like), and get a special link you can use to do that. And if two folks sign up through your link, you get the free story as my thank you for helping me reach new folks.

Please don’t sign up through your own link just to get the second story. I kept the number of folks you need to earn your reward really low so that you could actually help me find new folks.

Why am I doing this?

Because it’s tough being an indie, tough reaching new readers, and I’m hoping that ahead of bringing out all three existing Longview stories with new covers and formatting, and offering them in print versions, too, and launching Gunslinger Moon in both ebook and print format, I can have a nice group of genuine SF/fantasy fans who will be looking forward to reading it.

Maybe reviewing it on Amazon.

Get Oddfolks just for signing up.


Referral links for this sign-up form did not work on this page.

So I created a page where they do work.

OddfolksGet Oddfolks immediately after you confirm, and Last Thorsday Night when two new readers join my list through your link.

Important: Your Confirmation Email will come from Perkzilla, as will your download link to your copy of Last Thorsday Night when two new readers have signed up through your link.

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Longview #4: Write-in revision completed

By Holly Lisle

I finished up the write-in revision this morning, and while I was at it, completed the story blurb:


When freedom is silenced, how does it speak?

Ex-PHTF slave WE-39R (This Criminal, from Episode 1), renamed Jex, is part of a team the Longview’s Owner has tasked with finding the meaning behind Bashtyk Nokyd’s enigmatic final diagram. Drawing the most undesirable assignment, Jex and an unlikely ally fight their way to pieces of the truth.

Note the new title. I’d written up one hundred possible titles for the episode, and asked several people to select possible winners from among them. Got back the selections, but Matt read the story and all one hundred of my possibles, and he said, “None of those,” and spent a few minutes in silence. After which he said, “Gunslinger Moon.”

And he was right. It’s perfect.

Editor wins when editor is right.

So. This is the story of the team the Owner sets to the task of figuring out what the hell the philosopher meant with that diagram he drew at the dinner table (shown above).

This episode is the quiet before the storm.

The storm comes in Episode 5: The Vipers’ Nest, a BIG chunk of which is already written.

And Episode 6, for which I haven’t even a hint of what the title might be, will conclude the series.

Oh, right. Type-in revision tomorrow! Should be able to have it finished in one day.

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New Longview 4 first draft DONE!

By Holly Lisle

Just the link. Still have a ton of work to do before I sleep.

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Three A.M. Wakeup: The NEXT Cadence Drake

By Holly Lisle

Technically it was the thunder that woke me up, but the Longview story I’m writing now (#4, still without a title) had stirred up something in the back of my mind.

In Longview #4, there’s this game AI, you see. She’s really cool. Name is Retha.

And I got to thinking about her, and about other AIs like her in Settled Space, and then about Bashtyk Nokyd, and the future it looks like we’re building now.

And holy shit… Stuff started clicking, and I just finished putting together a concept for a radical rethink of The Wishbone Conspiracy.

Getting started on my Longview Hour now, but the fact that I lost a bunch of hours of sleep did not hurt my writing day at all.

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Made some nifty progress on the next Longview story

By Holly Lisle

Had a really good writing day today, to the point of getting sucked into the story, forgetting to keep track of my timer, and writing about half an hour over my planned hour.

Details here. Because I wrote more elsewhere, and am already behind on the other things I need to do today.

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Not a revision. A new story.

By Holly Lisle

So I printed out my draft of The Vipers’ Nest, and today I read through it, sorting as I went.

32,000 words of what I wrote came out, and will go into Longview 5: The Vipers’ Nest

Keeping Matt’s comments in mind, I focused on finding the quiet space for this story.

This story will just be the tale of Jex. Jex, who was WE-39R in Tales from the Longview #1: Born from Fire (Enter the Death Circus), is taken out of storage along with several other men, all of whom are given a chance to earn their place on the ship’s crew if they can find something in the dead philosopher’s belongings that can explain the meaning of the enigmatic diagram that was his solution.After 1208 words this morning, I’m pleased to have 7881 words done, and to be on the right track for this story.

Which will be Longview 4, and which at the moment doesn’t have a title.

So this might end up being a late-December release. It’s going to be shorter, I think. It’s going to be mostly in Jex’s voice.

And it’s the calm before the storm that’s coming.

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Finished Vipers’ Nest… Until I didn’t.

By Holly Lisle

Sometimes you finish a book and you know you don’t quite have it.

I’d done my short version print-out, read-through revision of Longview 4: The Vipers’ Nest. Finished the story last Tuesday with 40,000-plus words, which made it officially a novel.

But back of the mind said, Don’t say anything. Not yet. You don’t have it right yet.

So I just sat on it, created a copy for my husband, and gave it to him the next day.

Matt read it. Since we got together, he’s been my first reader and content editor. He’s really, really good.

And he came back with the single comment that changed everything. “You’re trying to cram three books into one story, and this one has no single main character.”

Then he did the second thing he does. He asked me a question. “So how does Bashtyk Nokyd relate to the game?”

And I saw the answers.

So I’m going back to do a complete overhaul.

I’m going to be ripping out two thirds of the existing chapters to put in the NEXT story (or two), and drilling down to the main character of this story, who was also the main character in Longview 1: Born from Fire, (the guy on the cover) and I’m building out the tie between him and the way Bashtyk Nokyed played a video game to figure out how to save Settled Space.

Or at least the people who want to be saved.


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Oh. My. God. The wonder of a good writing day.

By Holly Lisle

I was writing the battle scene in Longview 4: The Vipers’ Nest, and I thought things were getting a little away from me.

And all of a sudden Herog had a revelation about the battle he was fighting that told me three things:

  • How a tiny space station in an out-of-the-way corner of its galaxy becomes a genuine power to be reckoned with
  • Where the City of Furies fits in my space map (I truly had no idea until about two minutes ago)
  • And what happens to the Pact Worlds Alliance.

Damn, damn, DAMN, today was a fantastic writing day, and if I started an hour early ran an hour over, I couldn’t help it. I had to know what happened, and the space battle got real on me, and BOY was it ever worth it.

So if you like the story when you read it, thank these guys, and the folks who joined my Patreon this month and who will start showing up in the credits next month, because without these guys I’d still be wishing I was writing fiction every day:

Julian Adorney
Thomas Vetter
Karin Hernandez
Tuff Gartin
Nancy Nielsen-Brown
Holly Doyne
John Toppins
Rebecca Yeo
Cat Gerlach
Rebecca Galardo
Eva Gorup
Zeyana Musthafa
KM Nalle
Michelle Miles
Julie Hickerson
Isabella Leigh
Beverly Paty
Paula C Meengs
Meagan Smith
Misti Pyles
Dan Allen
Mary E. Merrell
Francine Seal
Ava Fairhall
Susan Qrose
Elke Zimoch
Angelika Devlyn
Jim Guererro
Maureen Morley
Heather Wittman
Misty DiFrancesco
Wednesday McKenna
Paul Williams (moley)
Cora Anderson
Lynda Washington
Reetta Raitanen
Anders Bruce
Becky Sasala
Heiko Ludwig
Faith Nelson
Ken Bristow
Jason Anderson
Marya Miller
Brendan Fortune
Jean Schara
Indy Indie
Justin Colucci
Alexandra Swanson
Dawn Morrison
Jane Lawson
Bonnie Burns
Eric Bateman
Resa Edwards
Christine Embree
Patricia Masserman
Claudia Wickstrom
Nan Sampson
Juneta Key
Jennette Heikes
Amy Fahrer
Joyce Sully
Charlotte Babb
Sarah Brewer
Nicola Lane
Sylvie Granville
Benita Peters
Michelle Mulford
Kirsten Bolda
Amy Padgett

Alex G. Zarate
Deb Gallardo
Cathy Peper
Deb Evon
Ernesto Montalve
Glenwood Bretz
Elaine Milner
Cassie Witt
Erin O’Kelly
Liza Olmsted
Felicia Fredlund
Hope Terrell
June Thornton
Amy Schaffer
Simon Sawyers
Anna Bunce
Teresa Horne
Susan Osthaus
Barbara Lund
Kristen Shields

Daniela Gana
Connie Cockrell
Donna Mann
Ewelina Sparks
Amber Hansford
Storm Weaver
Dori-Ann Granger
Stacie Arellano
Betty Widerski
Thea van Diepen
Claire Smith
Liz Horton
Beverley Spindler
Peggy Elam
Irina Barnay

P.S. Have to make new covers for the whole series, but this is the provisional one I had on hand.

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EVERYONE gets my Patreon rewards this month… with NO sign-up

By Holly Lisle

I’m new to Patreon.

I probably made an error setting up my rewards for the day after Patreon said it collected pledges, which is on the first of each month.

It’s now the fourth of the month, and as far as I can tell, Patreon has not collected a single pledge from a single one of my patrons, and all the rewards I set up to become available on the 2nd were still locked.

WERE. They’re not locked anymore.

Because Patreon can only work on a “good faith” concept, and good faith has to run both ways.

You ask people to fund you, they do so in the good faith that you’ll do the work you say you’re going to do, and you reward them along the way for sticking with you and helping you fund your art, or music, or in my case, new fiction.

So this month, even though I’m not entirely certain the system is working correctly, and even though I’ve not yet heard back from Patreon on my request for information, I’m holding up my end of the good faith agreement with my patrons.

I’ve released the October downloadable / watchable rewards to everyone. These are segments of the in-progress revision of Longview #4: The Vipers’ Nest.

And when I say everyone, I don’t mean just patrons. I mean you, too.

You can get the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 deliverables here. If you’re not a patron, you won’t get your name in the Longview 4 Acknowledgements, or get the extra things that patrons get.

But you can see a small slice of what I’ve been doing, and actually watch over my shoulder as I write one complete scene.

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