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  • You DID IT!!! Born from Fire is FREE! And #1 on Amazon!

    You DID IT!!! Born from Fire is FREE! And #1 on Amazon!

    I’m so excited! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to let Amazon know the book was free everywhere else. Take a look at the screen shots I just took — Number #1 in FREE Science Fiction #2 In FREE 90-Minute Literature & Fiction Short Reads Thank you again to everyone who…

  • Help Make “Born from Fire” a FREE book

    Help Make “Born from Fire” a FREE book

    I’ve given Amazon over a month to correct the price on Born from Fire.I’ve let them know, and folks on my SITE have let them know the book is FREE on: Kobo: Apple: B&N: Inktera:   Apparently the only thing that is going to make the book FREE permanently on Amazon…

  • Getting the books out, getting the word out.

    Getting the books out, getting the word out.

    The second edition of Tales from the Longview, Episode 2: The Selling of Suzee Delight has entered distribution today. This is the sequel to Tales from The Longview, Episode 1: Born from Fire (previously released as Enter the Death Circus), now available permanently for free. I’m hoping to have the third episode, The Philosopher Gambit, ready…

  • The REVISED new LONGVIEW covers, and how to run a solvent self-pub business

    Book covers…GOOD book covers, anyway—are a big flying pain in the ass on a good day, and they are so very much easier to get wrong than right. And blithe comments about hiring a professional cover designer don’t help. A BIG DIGRESSION ON THE FINANCIAL END OF SELF-PUBLISHING, AND HOW YOU STAY SOLVENT The Longview…

  • The New Covers for Tales from The Longview… I listened.

    I read every comment, made notes, came up with alternate concepts, and here are the three final results. WITH new titles, too.     So…does this fix the many problems?

  • Bashtyk Nokyd—Possible Cover Art. Your input?

    I like this cover better than either of the previous ones I’ve done for the Longview series, and am considering doing the other two over again to match this style and formatting. What do you think? Previous two covers are below for comparison.

  • Cadence Drake in Real Life: Now legal, soon possible. I win! 😀

    The main character of my current novel series, Cadence Drake, was a genetically engineered child. One mother, three fathers, and some slicing and dicing of her chromosomes to give her the exact characteristics her mother wanted for her: From my mother I have my coffee-with-a- touch-of-cream skin and full lips and straight teeth. From one…

  • Something Fun: The Whole First Chapter of the Longview 1 Audiobook

    Something Fun: The Whole First Chapter of the Longview 1 Audiobook

    I’ll have the full audiobook available from my own site in a few days. The audiobook is over two hours in length (nice for a few days of short commutes), and for early purchasers, I’ll be offering it for less than what such audiobooks usually go for. Questions are welcome, of course. 😀

  • “Write A Series” Students: What you’ll need BEFORE we start the Expansion

    I’m still putting together How To Write A Series Module 1: Creating Series Setup through Completion of Story One, but I solved the “how to present it” issue, and my goal getting this module up and making it available is next week. So let’s talk about prepping for the class. In the first four lessons…

  • Edison and Me: How NOT to Do Something Difficult

    I have the information for the first module of How To Write A Series more or less finished.  The story is done and beautifully edited. NOT by me. I’m fighting myself over the damn cover art. So far so good. And today I spent six hours trying to figure out how to bring all of…