Ohio progress, AND almost done with the new HollysWritingClasses.com site.

By Holly Lisle

Today I got 458 words on Ohio 5, which was 458 more than I figured I’d get.

And I liked what I got, which was a continuation of the situation my characters walked into yesterday.

I’ll take the weekend off from fiction, and by Monday, we should be mostly done with the website stuff, excluding me inviting members back, and them letting hunt for any issues with their accounts.

(I’m going to invite folks back in SMALL groups first, so that if there are any general site problems, we can NOT receive a hundred or a thousand tickets in the help desk about that same problem.

We’ll fix and found problems before inviting the next groups back. Right now, we’ve just finished inviting the moderators back. 

It has been a long, hard slog to get the new site built and to remove the old site. 

But we’re almost at the end of it, and I am deeply relieved.

It will be delightful to get back to writing full-time.

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Today, Pretty Busy

By Holly Lisle

Podcast is done and episode two is now up. Heard from Claire, and we’re negotiating her offer now. Had a fantastic opportunity open up for me, so I’m working my ass off on the proposal for that (more about it when I can say something.)

And my e-mail filter got its hands slapped and has been sent back into training mode; it’s been letting junk mail through and tossing real mail, and I suspect that I haven’t caught all the good stuff that it tossed. So as of today, a couple of years of spam filter happiness went out the door, and I’ll be having to wade through every piece of mail that hits the inbox for the next week or three, while the spam filter learns what it’s supposed to keep, and what it’s supposed to toss.

Damned computer.

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On To Better Things

By Holly Lisle

Finished the taxes, finally.

For the rest of today, I’m cleaning up and updating the website and starting in on the podcast. Tomorrow, I’ll finish and post the podcast, then start on HAWKSPAR rewrites. I should be hearing from Claire this week on the current paranormal proposal. And I’ll start outlining the Worldbuilding Clinic. I also have to do another edit of Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood before I get it ready for a print version.

I need to put together a schedule, but the only solid deadline I have right now is on HAWKSPAR, and that’s going to intersect with other things.

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Yesterday and Today

By Holly Lisle

Got the series worldbuilding and proposal out the door yesterday; I’m really happy with it. Won’t know anything until the middle of next week at the earliest, because my editor is going to be out of town, but she acknowledged receipt and told me she’d take a look as soon as she could. That’s good enough.

I’m pulling the next Cady novel from production. Its future, based on interest in HTCB, is nonexistent. Instead, I’ll start in on the next worldbuilding novel.

Will be putting up a HAWKSPAR Edit bar, too. Have to have that finished by August.

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Working My Way Through Worldbuilding

By Holly Lisle

My agent and I have been waiting for news on the new direction (which is actually an older direction I wanted to take, and a previous proposal from two years ago, resuscitated). There were two proposals from back then that might have been the one Claire wanted to see, and neither Robin nor I were sure which of the two it was. I found out which one today. I’m pleased; I liked that story.

However, what my editor wants is not just one book. She wants a book plus a world — that is, the full proposal, plus a way for other books to be written using the same rather nifty elements that I came up with for that one, that will be tied in to it.


I’ll be spending the weekend worldbuilding to open up what was planned as one book to make room for any number of books written into my eerie little world.

This will entail mapmaking, writing backstory to anchor the first book and all the rest that could (we hope) follow, and creating a series of characters who will fill in the background and provide connection between the unrelated main stories, and then coming up with at least three solid main stories to pitch.

For the first time in the last couple of months, I’m genuinely excited about writing.

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