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  • So Today ….

    First, cheers to Kathleen Bolton of Writer Unboxed, who survived one-pass revision and got her manuscript in the mail. Yesterday, I ended up doing a series of ever-decreasing tweaks on NIGHT ECHOES, bouncing stuff back and forth with my editor, until I finally finished at 6PM, just in time to take stuff for the burgeoning…

  • So today? I’m re-revising NIGHT ECHOES

    Of course. Rule #1 in writing is Set goals. Rule #2 in writing is Expect to see them wrecked at every turn. I have no idea how long this is going to take, but I’ll be back. I will not be derailed.

  • Done with NIGHT ECHOES

    Have emailed the revised version to my editor and my agent. All that remains is to get the hard-copy in the mail. I’ll be taking the next week off. Things away from writing need my attention right now.

  • Where I’ve been

    Thursday crashed and burned with some stressful family news. A migraine ate Friday. So today I’m playing catch-up. Long way to go.

  • Tick Tock

    The goal, of course, is to get the entire type-in on NIGHT ECHOES done today (especially since, in a perfect world, it would have been typed in and overnighted to my editor yesterday, and this morning it is neither), and in time to get to the post office with room to spare to overnight the…

  • The update on NIGHT ECHOES

    Spent the weekend figuring out ways to insert a couple of necessary scenes in NIGHT ECHOES, and ways to replace the couple I have to pull out. It has not been simple, because the replacements are critical red herrings, and upon the grace with which they can be substituted rests the success of the novel.…

  • The Schedule Thang

    So I get my revision notes from my editor for NIGHT ECHOES, along with the timeframe for getting it back to her. Oct. 1 is the date she writes, and I think, Great! Excellent. Enough time to do the final revision of HAWKSPAR, then do the final revision of NIGHT ECHOES, and still breathe. I…

  • Has taken all day, but….

    2:47 AM. The type-in is done, the manuscript just went off to my agent and my editor, and I’m going to bed. Hah!

  • Still Doing Type-In

    I hadn’t realized how much I’d changed, or how much typing would be involved. So I contacted my editor, who’d been expecting the file in her e-mail yesterday, only to find that her return from vacation had involved much more stuff than she’d anticipated. So here we are, me still typing in, her doing all…

  • Starting Type-In

    Still don’t like my ending. Am hoping inspiration will strike between now and Monday. When I get this done, I have to tell you about the deep worldbuilding for Project Blue. It involves quantum entanglement, God immanent, and talking socks. The pair shown are Abundance Socks. They’re based on the magic system the protagonists in…