Why I shut down my Patreon fundraiser

I’d intended to send a Questions & Answers email to my How to Write a Novel launch list, but that’s going to have to wait.Instead, I did THIS. Closed my “Move out of Florida while writing fiction” fundraiser. Here’s why — it’s this clause in the Patreon Legal Agreement https://www.patreon.com/legal By posting content to Patreon you grant us a… Continue reading Why I shut down my Patreon fundraiser

The New Paranormal Suspense Covers

I finished the following covers for my upcoming novels today: Midnight Rain I See You Last Girl Dancing Night Echoes Because of a bit of a financial bump, I’m pushing hard to get all the backlist up in the next couple of months. To my amazement (because I thought exactly the opposite), I think the… Continue reading The New Paranormal Suspense Covers

And the PW Review

Thanks to Mary Germano, I got a copy of the PW review of Night Echoes yesterday. If you went into the Readers or Writers sections of the site, though, you’ll have noticed that I’m very slowly getting site bits into place At the moment, just the top navigation bar, later the new logo and submenus… Continue reading And the PW Review

Backgrounding wonderfulness, and back to work

My bud sent me a book on bookbinding some time ago, and I picked up one on handmade books. Things have to float around in my subconscious for a while before I figure out what to do with them, and these books were like that. I don’t know if it was the fever, or just… Continue reading Backgrounding wonderfulness, and back to work

Sick again

Received the copyedits for NIGHT ECHOES—they’re pretty clean. Shouldn’t take long, but I feel dreadful. The kidlet caught something, and now we’ve caught it. So work is catch-as-catch-can for the next few days.