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  • That helped.

    From 1679 to 2234 in a burst, with cool shit happening. CONFLICT, goddammit. It’s such a simple concept, and so frigging hard to remember in the middle of the war, so to speak. Not done yet, but the end of the day is in sight. Thank god.

  • Still Plugging Away

    Don’t have the day’s necessary words yet, so I’m still searching for them. What came so easily a few hours ago has become an uphill battle — and the tireder I get, the more uphill it’s going to be. But I’m only a few hundred words shy of my goal right now, and I’m loathe…

  • 2611 words

    Done for the night. And I like what I got today.

  • Well, that was a big oops

    Put the kid to bed. Fell asleep while putting the kid to bed. This is not the recommended method for getting pages done promptly. Lost some momentum. Now I’m having to get back to where I was. But we did have some very nice songs and cuddles.

  • Going pretty well, and Mr. Toto

    I have 1520 words already, and a gentleman named Mr. Toto has made an unexpected off-screen appearance. I find myself intrigued. Don’t know who he is yet, but he has some real potential. Not for this book, certainly — I have enough people to track in this book. But in the next one . .…

  • Birth of the Maegwar

    {shudder} I just created the Maegwar — he’s been in the story for a while, but this was the first time I got to see what he was like in person, and . . . oh, shit . . . he came alive on me. I managed to creep myself out writing him. Visceral, horrified…

  • Late Start

    Not sure, but I might give myself a bit of a breather wordwise today. Have to see how the writing goes. Right now, I have a good scene ahead of me; gods, double-agents, and the promise of sex and murder. Should at least be a fun writing night, even if it does run late.

  • 2539 Words

    Done for the day.

  • Head did roll . . .

    That was fun. A mild comment, a couple of well-armed zealots, and the sick sound of a detached head hitting a stone floor. Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom is no more, and his compatriots are just disgusting. And our heroes are just shocked as hell by the whole thing. I feel so much better. Nothing like a nice bloody…

  • Death to the long-named ones

    You want to know how a minor secondary character gets picked to die? The son of a bitch with the longest name is the one that goes, dude. I had my choice of Hell-Devourer, Sword-of-Cowards, Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom, Mother-of-Terror, and My-Sword-Cleaves-Evil — and Blood-Spilled-for-Freedom won the toss, because I am NOT typing that name a million times…