Nude writing . . .

… just makes your ass stick to the chair. In case you haven’t tried it, don’t. Just thought I’d make that public service announcement — the words are moving along, but I’m taking a ‘thought-for-plot’ break before I move into scene two, and the Death of Someone I Haven’t Decided On Yet.


Thank God for Bach and Yo Yo Ma. Without both of them I’m not sure I’d ever get any writing done. The words are coming. Slowly. I fear this is going to be another of those ‘pulling teeth’ writing sessions. And no one is dead yet, damn them.

Back to work

Getting started late today, but I’m hoping that improved focus and a growing determination that today somebody has to die will keep me rolling, and that this won’t be another 2,400-words-in-eight-hours ordeal. I’ve also decided that this will be a lot more interesting to read if I include the story turning points and the surprises… Continue reading Back to work

Bleeding Words

Jesus. My main character is a widow with a three-year-old son who can walk through worlds, whose sister is a glorified zombie, whose dead husband is still literally haunting her, whose would-be lover is secretly a Special Agent in the FBI, and who is charged with saving the worldchain from collapse . . . and… Continue reading Bleeding Words