Currently on the Needles

By Holly Lisle

  • I have the next to last lesson in How to Write a Series almost finished
  • THREE repubbed novelsĀ  now working through a launch under a pseudonym (my first voluntary one)
  • Six novellas I’m reworking, editing, and updating with new covers, formatting, debugging, and other clean-up, including the next NEW story, Longview #4: Gunslinger Moon
  • One Really Spiffy Thing For Writers that’s going out via email tomorrow at ten AM (if you’re a fiction writer and you’re not on my updates list, use the little slider form below to sign up, because this is a one-time EVER thing, and it’s big) — and be sure to click the Segmenting Tag for “writer” when you get that email.


If the words “And a Partridge in a Pear Tree” drifted through your mind… you are not alone. ‘Tis the season, and I’m head down and working really hard.

So I need a breather for the little down time I have. Something to let me wind down.

I think of this as “potato chip knitting.”

Because you just do a little at a time, just like writing a novel. And as long as you keep at it, you see progress. And in my case, I make it up as I go — though the chips can get a bit weird, and go wrong sometimes.

Of course I have pictures. šŸ˜€

The basic potato chip

The basic potato chip

Five chips - a sleeve edge

Five chips – a sleeve edge

Bag O' Chips. The bottom and building the back

Bag O’ Chips. The bottom and building the back

The FIRST front, wrong approach

The FIRST front, wrong approach (stitches too big, and neckline sloppy)

After a wrong approach, you rip back. I pulled out the entire front panel and neckline.

Finished my FIFTH attempt last night, and it’s a keeper.

Fifth approach to front panels

Fifth approach to front panels, V-neck, tighter stitches, neutral yarns rather than the bright pink

My audience faked disinterest

My audience faked disinterest

...while moving closer...

…while moving closer… (he’s not looking, he’s NOT LOOKING)

...Until the dangly string HAD to be attacked...

…Until the dangly string HAD to be attacked…

The picture of him wrapped in the damn thing while trying to drag it to the floor to have his way with it does not exist. Because my choice was “get the picture” or “save the sweater.”

I saved the sweater. Still have the sleeves and collar to go, plus buttons and I-cord fasteners. And sewing in all those ends. But I have enough of it now that I thought it was worth showing off.

Close up. Still not blocked, but pretty.

Close up. Still not blocked, but pretty.

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WABWM: New story finished over the weekend

By Holly Lisle

8:06 AM

Finished the short story Long Road Home yesterday (was Do-Over on my weblog progress bar, but the working title sucked). Sentence: A woman who’s lost everything makes a deal with the devil to relive her life, only to discover the deal didn’t work the way she thought.

First draft came out at about 10,000 words, but this is something that has been in bits and pieces on my hard drive since 2004. I probably only did about 1500 new words (and a lot of cutting and piecing) to finish it.

I discovered I needed a short break away from Warpaint, but still wanted to do something with fiction. So I’ll have Single #2 to bring out in November, along with Warpaint.

On that, book started with just over 80,000 words.

I’m now 26,000 words into the write-in, and the manuscript total is up to 87,000 words.

Kick ass on your words, and write with joy.

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