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  • Anyway….

    Initially my concept for Refugee was as a contemporary crossover fantasy. However, my agent made a very good comment about the way the beginning of the thing didn’t work, and in figuring out the new beginning, the project metamorphosed into a high fantasy. The new opening? On her wedding day, a princess whose marriage will…

  • Got the proposal off to Robin, and Jenny Crusie puts one into the net

    The REFUGEE proposal is out the door and with Robin now. Finishing it took all morning, but I’m very happy with what I got. And you have to read this post by Jenny Crusie on Clue Cake, Anonymity, and Other Unprofessional Behavior. It’s brilliant, and she’s right.

  • Back, slightly rested

    I hope your Thanksgiving was good (if you celebrate Thanksgiving). Mine was. Got to see my older son again; first time since last Christmas. He’s now stationed within sorta-driving distance. It’s a trek, but at least it isn’t the other side of the country, or the other side of the planet. Writingwise, I did nothing…