Taxes, Green Magic, and Plot Clinic

I forgot—just flat-out forgot—one huge source of receipts: Stuff I bought via the internet, and for which I received internet receipts. All the other stuff is done, but I’m now going through right at 2000 messages in three separate accounts, looking for everything I spent via the web and dragging them all into their own… Continue reading Taxes, Green Magic, and Plot Clinic

So now that I’m done…

Okay. The Mac sending mail sound has just echoed across the computer, which means the finished Ruby Key is on its way to my agent, Robin. I’m pretty wiped out, but very happy with the book. It wrapped at 63,000 words, which was well within my target zone, the new ending worked beautifully, (though I… Continue reading So now that I’m done…

Cover Art: Plot Clinic

Wanted something shadowy and just a little bit sinister—plotting being the arcane, twisty art that it is. This is what I came up with. Back to work. The words, the words are calling…. And I definitely must revise the Character Clinic cover to match the rest of the covers. Soon. Very soon.

Revision, the Friday Snippet, and the next Clinic

I started ripping The Ruby Key apart in my head about an hour after I finished the first draft. I was going to start in on it on Friday, but Friday rolled around and I realized I wasn’t quite ready. So I made myself not look at the book until today (actually, I’m printing it… Continue reading Revision, the Friday Snippet, and the next Clinic