• ISY: One Down

    Finished the day’s ISY with 52,263 words, and what I got has a good feel to it, I think. It definitely has enough twists and misdirections. Now on to CCC, where I have no words at all, and need 1725 per day to stay on goal. Onward. Words await.

  • My Double-NaNo Plans

    I think November is going to be an interesting month for me. I have 50 thousand words left in order to finish I See You. I’m also going to work on the Create A Character Clinic this month, with my objective being to finish it. ISY is moving along well. It will be my first…

  • CCC — Nonfiction in Progress

    Finally, years after I wrote the perennially popular Mugging the Muse: Writing Fiction for Love AND Money — (now and forever after available as a free download from this site) — I’m working on another non-fiction writing book, this one on the single-most-requested subject on this site. How to create good characters. I’m doing the…