Got my words first thing. 976 for the day, 20,974 total — and the train jumped back on the track.

By Holly Lisle

The book smacked me in the head. Said, “Yo, dumbass… you’re still going exactly where you thought you were going when you had that great revelation, and THIS is how you’re going to get there.”

Said it in that snarky know-it-all voice that made me want to punch it, too.

But it was right.

And I got a really good scene today. HAH.

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Today is not going to be a writing day. went live on the new software…

By Holly Lisle

Yesterday I took the new HWC school live for existing students, and today Becca and I are going to be working in the help desk fixing accounts.

In theory, anyway. Becca and I have 194 brand new tickets in the help desk (I just counted them in email, and a few of them might be additions to existing tickets, but all of them are NEW), and I’m heading in now to get started on those.

Becca will be along after she’s fed the chickens and the cats and the dogs and probably watered the garden (assuming she isn’t having rain down in Georgia).

My guess is that today and the next few days are going to be long and difficult, because she and I are going to be learning how to fix classes and repair accounts using the brand-new school software for the first time while actually fixing real problems, and we’re going to have to figure this out as we go.

Wish me luck. Hell, wish us both luck. My gut says we’re gonna need it.

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A very good day for Ohio 5: 1325 words, 19,576 total… and a surprise

By Holly Lisle

This doesn’t happen very often: My main character reasoned me out of the major plot direction I wanted to write today.

I’d spent the weekend doodling around in my mind with how today’s scene was going to go. I had a specific thing my main character was going to do, it was pretty epic, it was pretty heroic…

And when I sat with my hands on the keyboard, my character said, “Nope. That’s not what I’m going to do, and here’s why I’m not going to do it.”

And she walked me through it step by step and detail by detail, and she was exactly right. 

Damn her.

Now, of course, I’ve got to figure out how things get knocked into the direction my character was going to take WITHOUT my character following that path…

… Because that path is what the book was, and is still going to be about.

Now, however, that my MC has done the smart, absolutely right thing, I’ve got shove her into a corner so tight and mean and scary that the only choice she eventually has left is to do the wrong thing. 

And I can feel the Grinch Smile pulling at the corners of my mouth already, because while I don’t know how I’m going to do this, figuring that out is going to be FUN.


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Doing a Line-for-Scene re-plot of Book 5 from Chapter 7 to Chapter 30

By Holly Lisle

I got 281 words, and am up to 18,423 total, and was rolling along pretty nicely.

Hit the end of Chapter 5, rolled over to Chapter 5, and found stuff written clear through Chapter 8 that I’ll either have to save or delete. But I also discovered that the book I’ve been writing since the Cave is different by a lot (and better by a lot) than the story I’d been telling up to that point. 

So now I have to pull out my Book 5 Line-for-Scene outline, see if there’s anything in it I can save, and re-plot from there. I have another hour and change to work on this before I have to move over to writing-school-upgrade stuff.

So there aren’t going to be anymore words today, and tomorrow might have a terrific word slaughter pending…

But I’m going to see how cleverly non-destructive I can be in working in what I’ve already written. (THIS USUALLY GOES BADLY.)

Either way, none of the rest of the words I’ll do today will count. They’ll all be line-for-scene outlining and rethinking.

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YESTERDAY’S words on Ohio 5

By Holly Lisle

The day got crazy pretty quickly. is on its new software, but between big by-hand database updates to get all the members all their classes, and layout improvements to get all the members TO their classes, and  necessary (and still in progress fixes to the integration between the classrooms and the forum, Tom, James, and I worked from ten a.m until about 4 PM for me, and possibly later for them.

Before that, I managed to get 561 words that I liked yesterday on Ohio 5. I’ll see how well they hold up today.

Heading in now.

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Got 512 words on Ohio 5, and now am back to work on

By Holly Lisle

I like what I got. My MC’s discovery of the BIG lie yesterday had an interesting consequence today that I had not anticipated. 

And my MC dealt with it much, much better than I would have. I suspect that once she’s out of sight of the person who let this news slip, her response is going to be different.

Fun writing day, but now over to the site fixes.

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Ohio progress, AND almost done with the new site.

By Holly Lisle

Today I got 458 words on Ohio 5, which was 458 more than I figured I’d get.

And I liked what I got, which was a continuation of the situation my characters walked into yesterday.

I’ll take the weekend off from fiction, and by Monday, we should be mostly done with the website stuff, excluding me inviting members back, and them letting hunt for any issues with their accounts.

(I’m going to invite folks back in SMALL groups first, so that if there are any general site problems, we can NOT receive a hundred or a thousand tickets in the help desk about that same problem.

We’ll fix and found problems before inviting the next groups back. Right now, we’ve just finished inviting the moderators back. 

It has been a long, hard slog to get the new site built and to remove the old site. 

But we’re almost at the end of it, and I am deeply relieved.

It will be delightful to get back to writing full-time.

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151 words — Got started early on the HWC upgrade and am still working on that.

By Holly Lisle

I’m glad I got words. I didn’t get many, and this late in the day (when I got these early this morning), I don’t even remember if they were particularly good, or fun, or anything.

After an entire day of working on a website — and I’ve been over at since 7:30 AM today working at bringing stuff back to life — fiction is kind of a fuzzy dream.

I’ll be damn glad to get back to it tomorrow, though.

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FUNNY words today — and 1389 of them. It was a very good writing day! Also… HWC Update.

By Holly Lisle

So first the book, because that’s where my morning started. And it was a WONDERFUL morning. Not only did I get 1389 new words, but I also the answer to something that happened in Book 1, and that explained a lot. And I discovered a secret one character has kept through four novels, and just today finally came clean about.

And I made myself laugh. I love when that happens. The words just pop out, and they’re from the part of my mind that has no censor, and that will say goofy things. And this time, they were goofy while revealing stuff about character I thought I knew that gave them some extra depth. 

The counter showing my wordcount is wrong, though, because I discovered this morning that Chapter Five was three chapters long. So I cut all the many extra words from the chapter, and pasted it into a new one. And Scrivener counted them all as new words. The wordcount in the HEADER is right.


On to the frustrating bit. HWC members have started logging into the new site in spite of the fact that NO invitations have gone out, and the other fact that WE’RE NOT DONE YET.

So now I have to go write an email telling all the folks who jumped the gun to log out and wait patiently so they don’t break something.

We’re going to call this Good morning/ Bad morning.

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In spite of a bunch of HWC website stuff, 649 words on Ohio 5, 14.300 total

By Holly Lisle

Short and sweet, I got words. I did it while working around website issues with the forum and the classrooms over on, where we’re still getting things set up.

Had to stop now, because I have to pay full attention to the website while I have folks who are working on it and who will need input from me (though that input has been damned useless so far).

I’m tired already, and I’ll be so very glad when this website stuff is done, and I can just go back to writing.

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