Members-only Sale Updates

If you’re on the Writers’ Updates newsletter and you have questions about or need help with the February Sucks sale, you can ask or post here. I’ll be checking the blog all day. And all day tomorrow. And by putting everything here, some questions might be answered that folks participating while I’m asleep might need.… Continue reading Members-only Sale Updates

Clinic Week Sale

I’ve put all three Clinic books on sale from today through Friday, each one $2.00 off. Why? For karma. I’m struggling on the Ruby Key revisions, and the last time I put books on sale, the bad karma cleared. The line-for-scene is crawling, and most of the cards so far are red or orange. Not… Continue reading Clinic Week Sale

One-Day-Only Hump Day Sale

Wednesdays suck in general. Today, mine is worse than usual, so I decided to do something good to offset all the bad karma. There’s a one-day-only Hump Day sale on my writing books—15% off on any of them that you buy. Buy one or all three and get the discount. Character Clinic Language Clinic Culture… Continue reading One-Day-Only Hump Day Sale

Create A Culture Clinic is live and available now

Right now the book is available—the description is short and the free preview isn’t loaded. I’ll do all the catalog work on Monday. But I know people are waiting for the book, and if you’re one of those people, you can get your copy now. Thank you for all the encouragement and enthusiasm. Let me… Continue reading Create A Culture Clinic is live and available now