Quick Update

Deadline 1: Got the GREEN MAGIC proposal off to Robin a couple days ago, heard back from her yesterday with revision requests (very small—overall, she was excited about the proposal), made the revisions over a couple of hours yesterday and resent the complete package, and that will go off to the editor, possibly today. Deadline… Continue reading Quick Update

Arrgh! Have passed halfway

I didn’t realize how very much I’d changed in the revision. A bad headache shot me down last night not long after I started type-in. So I got up early this morning and I’ve been typing since just past six-thirty AM. I’ve just passed halfway, and while I think I was less bloodthirsty in revising… Continue reading Arrgh! Have passed halfway

The rewrite has been all-consuming.

The first draft of the Green Magic proposal went quickly. The second draft took another two days of massive work, because, well, I’m picky as hell and I ripped the first draft to shreds. It’s done, it’s a bit longer, and I’m doing type-in now, and will be working late into the night. The rest… Continue reading The rewrite has been all-consuming.

Goal Today

Ended yesterday at 5046 words, with chapters 1, 2, and the first part of three completed. Today, I want to get to 10,000 total, with the completion of chapter 3, the synopsis, and some possibilities for the future of the series. Getting a late start—a lot of dithering beforehand. That can wreck a writing day.… Continue reading Goal Today

Green Magic I

Green Magic I is the working title of the pseudonymous on-spec project I’m putting together for unnamed Editor B. My goal on this is 10,000 words between today and tomorrow, to include the first three chapters, a synopsis, and my ideas on other books in the series. I’ve done some backgrounding, and did a huge… Continue reading Green Magic I