Aleksa’s Demon

I worked tonight on the decidedly un-supernatural demon of memory, and Aleksa’s violent past. Her approach made sense to me, as did the place she went inside her mind when she knew she was in danger. Tomorrow, I start writing Lesson 3 for HTRYN, and my beta testers start the course. I’m excited about that,… Continue reading Aleksa’s Demon

Sweet, sweet fiction, words like storm after drought

The story called me back tonight, in spite of this being my official night off. I suddenly knew what had to happen next—not what I had planned, but what was better than what I’d planned. Aleksa is on her way into deadly trouble, while fleeing deadly trouble—her problem with the rock and the hard place… Continue reading Sweet, sweet fiction, words like storm after drought

The Deadline Crunch

Okay. So I’ve done 1800+ words tonight, and there are going to be a whole lot more before I’m done. What I’m writing is already 5622 words long, and I still have a couple of critical elements to include by tonight. Problem. My writing tonight is non-fiction. My two beta testers are starting into How… Continue reading The Deadline Crunch

Broaching Immortality

I finally confronted the issue of immortality head-on tonight. The scene flew. It isn’t going to stand as written—it’s a bit too fairytale-ish—though I gave it an ominous ending that I love. 563 words, and I’m working in the critical framework that I need to hold the story together. Overall, fairytale feel or not, I’m… Continue reading Broaching Immortality

Character study, 468 words

The scene segment I worked on tonight was a study of Aleksa after she was attacked, and how she was dealing with the ugly memories the attack stirred up. It was all about stillness and control versus the uncontrolled fury—almost a second person—that the attack woke up and set loose. I learned some interesting information… Continue reading Character study, 468 words