I’m Struggling

There is simply no other way to put it. While I’ve had some good days on C, today was a bloody, painful crawl from one end of the day to the other, with damn near nothing to show for it. I might be pushing too hard, so for a while, I’m going to cut my… Continue reading I’m Struggling

New Math for C

A while back, I cut the anticipated word count for C down to 100,000. This was to speed up the pace, and to eliminate a surrealist second storyline that I’d originally envisioned, and that I disliked as I started working through it. Decided today, with a third of the first draft finished, to do a… Continue reading New Math for C

And Now to “C”

Back, stuff done, and now for the dessert of the day. A couple hours of unadulterated fun as I work through more of “C.” A couple of people have asked if I could at least give hints on what this one is about. I’ll do better than that. From time to time, I’ll post snippets… Continue reading And Now to “C”

Blue Horses: Loving the Real

  Picasso and Franz Marc might seem to be odd folks to remember from public school kindergarten. But my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Quimby, had us doing crayon copies of their work, and discussing what we liked about it. She didn’t name the artists, or the paintings, but I still vividly recall my encounter with Big… Continue reading Blue Horses: Loving the Real

And a WIP Bar Update

"C", my secret project is gone from the WIP Progress graphs shown. In its place is the work-for-hire book I’ll be doing under the pseudonym. "C" will reappear when it’s actually on the schedule again. Here’s hoping that’s soon.

New Year, New Books — Clearing the Deck

I’ve cleared my desk (which took all of two minutes — with good shelves and a carefully thought-out organizational system, I’ve discovered I can be a tidy writer after all). I’ve pulled LAST GIRL DANCING from my active files and my WIP Progress meter. Have opened HAWKSPAR and moved it into the first spot on… Continue reading New Year, New Books — Clearing the Deck

Promises You Make

Claire liked "C". Robin e-mailed me yesterday, and mentioned that she wanted to know about a couple of changes to the basic premise, though. Throughout the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve made plenty of changes in previous premises, rewritten whole vast chunks of books, never quibbled because in every instance I could see how… Continue reading Promises You Make