Vacation OVER! New story, bigger maps, and starting Create A World Clinic today. #wabwm

I enjoyed my vacation, which is to say that I slept through the end of 2012, and woke up in 2013 feeling human again. So over the last couple days, I put a novella I wrote years ago (REWIND, which is the precursor to C–The Secret Project) into Kindle and ePub format, and I’ll put… Continue reading Vacation OVER! New story, bigger maps, and starting Create A World Clinic today. #wabwm

WABWM: New story finished over the weekend

8:06 AM Finished the short story Long Road Home yesterday (was Do-Over on my weblog progress bar, but the working title sucked). Sentence: A woman who’s lost everything makes a deal with the devil to relive her life, only to discover the deal didn’t work the way she thought. First draft came out at about… Continue reading WABWM: New story finished over the weekend

Light Through Fog

I worked all weekend, and have been working nights for a while, in addition to working on the course. See, around the same time that I was getting ready to take How To Think Sideways live, I got this request for a short story from an editor who was putting together an anthology. That’s basically… Continue reading Light Through Fog

Not Dead. Definitely Swamped

I hadn’t planned on the week following registration for How To Think Sideways being a week of troubleshooting all the many things that broke on the system software; thought we’d tested everything, but you only think that until a course goes live and real students start taking it. Anyway, this week I’m playing catch-up writing… Continue reading Not Dead. Definitely Swamped

Bombarded by Writing

C Breathes So I was sitting in the cafe in Books-A-Million waiting for my guys to finish doing Manly Things at Best Buy. I’d forgotten to bring knitting. I’d forgotten to bring my Think Sideways planning notebook. I’d forgotten to bring my “C” planning notebook. So I picked up a cheap-o notebook, and a pen… Continue reading Bombarded by Writing

“C” is BACK!

Every writer needs to have a secret project, I think. Something that you’re revved about, something that drives you completely crazy, something that you keep on the hard drive and tinker with and dream about and work on when you’re stuck on the things that are paying you money. I’ve had a number of secret… Continue reading “C” is BACK!

So now that I’m done…

Okay. The Mac sending mail sound has just echoed across the computer, which means the finished Ruby Key is on its way to my agent, Robin. I’m pretty wiped out, but very happy with the book. It wrapped at 63,000 words, which was well within my target zone, the new ending worked beautifully, (though I… Continue reading So now that I’m done…

Updating the Schedule

So around June, I had everything planned out. And then I needed to write one book a full year earlier than it had been planned. And I did. But doing so wrecked every other item in my schedule. Obliterated. Toasted. Annihilated. Turns out, I could do the insane “everything at once” provisional schedule only for… Continue reading Updating the Schedule