I had the most amazing breakthrough today. Still writing the Think Sideways course, and was sitting in the little snack area in our local Target brainstorming the whole world-building/pre-planning process for novels (Lesson 7). My two guys were off looking for video games, and I had my carry-along notebook out and was drawing flow-charts, trying… Continue reading Breakthrough!

Not Dead. Definitely Swamped

I hadn’t planned on the week following registration for How To Think Sideways being a week of troubleshooting all the many things that broke on the system software; thought we’d tested everything, but you only think that until a course goes live and real students start taking it. Anyway, this week I’m playing catch-up writing… Continue reading Not Dead. Definitely Swamped

Bombarded by Writing

C Breathes So I was sitting in the cafe in Books-A-Million waiting for my guys to finish doing Manly Things at Best Buy. I’d forgotten to bring knitting. I’d forgotten to bring my Think Sideways planning notebook. I’d forgotten to bring my “C” planning notebook. So I picked up a cheap-o notebook, and a pen… Continue reading Bombarded by Writing

Think Sideways–Additional Answers

Wow. A lot of questions about that last post. Let me answer them here: ============== Course Feedback ============== Some clarification on my “the course will NOT be one-on-one” statement because some is obviously needed. I did not say I wouldn’t be giving feedback. I said I wouldn’t be able to answer individual questions, or to… Continue reading Think Sideways–Additional Answers

How Thinking Sideways is Different Than A Whack On The Side of The Head

I’m doing this as a separate post because I figured it was going to be invisible in comments. (Where I originally answered the question.) Here’s the question I got: KalevTait Says: April 13th, 2008 at 12:09 pm I don’t know how related it is, but you might want to look at ‘A whack on the… Continue reading How Thinking Sideways is Different Than A Whack On The Side of The Head