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Longview 2: The Selling of Suzee Delight

The second edition of Tales from the Longview, Episode 2:┬áThe Selling of Suzee Delight has entered distribution today. This is the sequel to Tales from The Longview, Episode 1: Born from Fire (previously released as Enter the Death Circus), now available permanently for free. I’m hoping to have the third episode, The Philosopher Gambit, ready to publish in two weeks. … Continue reading →

Print Friendly Site Move: LAST Chance to Correct Your Account

The move over at is starting We’re starting to move member accounts onto the live new software, new domain, and new classrooms this week. In order to receive your new temporary password, you MUST have a working email address in your current account. Here are the steps to make sure you’ll be able to get to your stuff (INCLUDING … Continue reading →

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Round 1 Testing for New Holly Lisle Writing School Website: 39 Volunteers Requested Now

CANCELLED WebinarJam has crashed every time but one on this, with people unable to reach rooms I’m in. I’ve checked my links, I’ve checked their links, and at this point, the only thing I can do to stop wasting people’s time is give up. I’m going to see if there’s some way to do this same process with Skype. I’ll … Continue reading →

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Video & Podcast Test: How To Write Suckitudinous Fiction

I chose one of my funnier articles on writing fiction and turned it into both a video and a podcast. I’m testing new software that I hope to use for a number of different applications, including workshops, and I’d like to know how these two formats work for you. VIDEO TEST: AUDIO TEST YOUTUBE LINK: httpv:// … Continue reading →

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The Philosopher Gambit is off to the copyeditor!

Finally. I’m having the folks at Silver Jay do an in-depth proofread for me—I’ll do the clean-up and publish when I get it back. I’m considering offering a print version of the first three stories, which would give the reader the equivalent of a 90,000-word novel. I KNOW I’m going to offer this book later, when I have all six … Continue reading →

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Lessons from the Fall: Beta Test Hell

To see if I could make things easier for writers using the How To Think Sideways site, (still with the shop locked while it awaits installation of the interim site), I put together a beta test site using a theme I thought would help, and a plugin I REALLY thought would help. (Both theme and plugin shall remain nameless because … Continue reading →

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Before I was so RUDELY interrupted…

I had just put together my schedule for the next couple of months. (Link opens in new tab). The VERY next day, a WordPress update broke an old plugin on my site that just happened to have been delivering about 90% of my readers’ and writers’ purchased downloads. I finished manually locating and manually moving each of those roughly … Continue reading →

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Scheduling a writing life: Follow-up #1

I’m following up on the “How Would You Clear My Schedule” post. First, INTERNS!!! was the cool and awesome suggestion that I leapt on, only to discover that the legal ramifications made it impossible for me to do. (Enormous thanks to Margaret Fisk, who did the research and let me know about this.) There are folks actively hunting for ways … Continue reading →

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The REVISED new LONGVIEW covers, and how to run a solvent self-pub business

Book covers…GOOD book covers, anyway—are a big flying pain in the ass on a good day, and they are so very much easier to get wrong than right. And blithe comments about hiring a professional cover designer don’t help. A BIG DIGRESSION ON THE FINANCIAL END OF SELF-PUBLISHING, AND HOW YOU STAY SOLVENT The Longview stories are, right now, low-margin. … Continue reading →

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HTWAS Lesson, Longview Minecraft Map Update, More

Got 3300+ words on HTWAS Module 3, Lesson 2 yesterday. This lesson, titled Breaking Things Mid-Story and Mid-Series, covers GOOD breaks—places where your Muse kicks in with an absolutely awesome idea that requires a lot of fixing in the current episode, but that DOES NOT BREAK YOUR SERIES. Being able to tell the difference between this kind of break and … Continue reading →

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