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  1. Twyla has similar kitty powers to many I have known. The gift of knocking over almost full cups of water at every turn. The ability to convince me to hold open a door for her while she rolls around on the other side, looking at me with her wide eyes, like she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Her goal? To make me come to her for some cuddles before gracing me with her presence. ‘sigh’ She succeeds in her quest most times. Well played kitty, well played.

  2. I have a pair of furry senior feline boys. Beans, the elder of the two communicates telepathically with a look and a twitch of his tail. He was a stray when we found each other. I looked at him and he looked at me and we went home. He tells me when he wants to go out, come in, not enough food in his dish, the water is low, the litter box needs cleaned, it’s time to go pull the blanket off the bed for him to curl up on, or in the morning to make up the bed first so he can sleep on it. He complains if I have to move him to make the bed. And all with that look and a twitch of the tail. And at least once a day he deigns to climb up in my lap and cuddle. My other Angel is a stealth Hunter, all black and proudly brings home dinner, usually a mouse or a chipmunk. His full name is Angel On My Rooftop. The house I used to live in he could climb the corner of the porch and get up on the roof. My guardian angel watching out for me. And of course he would always let me know when he was ready to come in by jumping down on the air conditioner KA BANG! While he can’t do that now he’s always watching out for me, especially so he can flop down right in front of me. He’ll cuddle anytime. And his purr is more of a loud trilling sound.

  3. I used to have a cat that ruled the neighborhood – all dogs would whine and run away if they saw her out in the yard. She was a good watch-cat.
    All of our cats had the super power to stare at us, using mind control, to get what they wanted.

  4. I’ve got a pair of black (cats) Flying Wallendas. The littlest one can easily jump to the top of our china closet (6’+) also to the top of the cabinets over the sink (7’+). He’s still trying to get to the top of the curtain rods as well. He has no fear of heights. His sister is a bit heavier but she still gets to the top of our china closet.

  5. Does high IQ count? Our pitbull mix knows all commands, after all he went through beginner and intermediate classes at PetSmart, but ask him to do anything and he will look at you like a madwoman. He won’t even fidget. Try again with a treat in your hand and the result is a fascinating display of dog tricks šŸ™‚

  6. My cats… Oh my cats.

    Batman opens doors and still, after what 3 or 4 years, is trying to learn how to turn on faucets. I do pray that day never comes.

    KiKi has the superpower to scare everything bigger than her with just a look – and that includes everything in the house with the exception of my husband’s 6 pound chiapom, Maggie. KiKi knows better.

    MeanKitty is sorta like Superman in his hearing and speed – no matter where he is in the house, if I am yelling at a dog (no cats! again, another part of this power) for longer than a few seconds, he comes running and gives off his warning growl. He will defend me. Only me. Always!

    Oliver jumps on you. Powerhouse jumps. Ready or not, AWARE OR NOT, you get an Oliver. Anywhere, anytime. Even when you JUST saw him a second ago across the house running in the other direction. So maybe he’s also The Flash.

    Thea’s like Harley Quinn. Not sure it’s a super power, but the girl is nuts and the least like a cat that I’ve known. Hissing for no known reason (literally in between purrs), her power is craziness.

    Jeeves is just a jerk. His superpower is making me feel like a week old, sickly turd while turning on the charm with Tony.

    • Thanatos only climbs me when I can’t see her coming. (yes I am well aware that Thanatos was male in the myths, but she’s a black witch’s cat and only answers to Thanatos so if anyone is looking for the god\goddess of death, the entity is at my house, currently eating cubed chicken in butter). Her little sister Minerva (who is a tortoiseshell cat), will climb to your head and groom your hair for you if you stop by.

  7. Two of our female cats can teleport. We know this because we now have seven kittens, where before we only had four adult cats we had rescued. Some glitch in the teleportation process has rendered the mothers unfit for living in the same household to the point we’ve had to isolate them. Motherhood seems to have precluded further teleportation, also, thankfully. Because, you know, we don’t need any new kittens…

  8. Our wire haired dachshund could go invisible right in front of you. We got her in Germany, the lady was trying to get a certain color so they would blend in, in case you wanted to use them for hunting. We would go for our walks or take her outside to do her business and if you called her she would freeze and stand still looking at you. I swear in the tall grass under brush of trees any ground cover she just disappeared! Iā€™m pretty good finding things but could always overlook her!

  9. Once upon a time, huge (18lbs) white cat and slightly smaller (14lbs) gray tabby cat both lived with me and my mom. At dusk, in the grass, the gray tabby tended to be pretty much invisible … white cat could not understand how I could walk right past the tabby, straight over to the white one and pick him up to take him in. He looked so confused every time I did it … and yep, cats and dogs: I cannot see you, I am invisible … Love ’em.

  10. Too funny. My dog is not quite so clever. He doesn’t become invisible, but he does have a docking station… he will tuck his head under the bedskirt to sleep without distraction.

  11. LOL! My tiny Shetland pony, Bonny, had the Superpower of melting through fences. No matter how correctly or sturdily built they were. You would stare at her for ages, standing snuggled up to the fence, and nothing would happen. Turn your head away for a moment and look back, and she’d be doing the same thing … on the OTHER side of the fence! (We never DID see her actually in transit.)

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