Can’t say it’s going well

By Holly Lisle

In the last two hours, I’ve gotten 404 words. I can add last night’s 500 to the mix, but that still puts me at around 900.

I did have an excellent talk with Linda at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, and got some necessary and wonderful details about the ISAW, the inside of that gorgeous building, the surrounding area, and the trip home for my MC by train.

I also found out some rewriting I’ll have to do in order to fit the book to reality. As always, reality adds constraints, and the constraints give me places to add complications and problems for my characters that I never would have considered.

Great, incredibly helpful conversation.

But that was ten minutes max.

The rest of this is, for some reason, going slowly. (Though I love what I’m getting.)

Back to work.

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