Cady Speaks

By Holly Lisle

When I sat down to write yesterday, I thought I knew where Cadence was going next. In the ten years since I last wrote about her, I’ve thought about her and her life a fair amount. I played with story ideas as part of one of the site workshops, and liked the ideas that I got from that; I ran those through my head and visualized the characters who would be a part of the story.

But yesterday I started writing with no plan and no clear direction, just giving her a little rein to see where she’d go on her own. And she didn’t pick up where she’d left off. She showed up nine years later, tired and battered, looking up an old friend who, along with the rest of the universe, thought she was dead.

He wasn’t completely happy to see her.

I’m curious and fascinated. I have no idea who he is, why she sought him out, what the previous relationship was (except that the reason she cut him out of her life was that he almost got Badger killed … somehow), where she wants to go with it. I don’t know what happened to the freaks she was hunting when last I left her. I don’t know anything, except that both of us have leapt through time together, and we have a lot of catching up to do.

So I’m following where she leads, waiting to discover what, and why, and how. And who.

And I’m writing.

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