Cadence Drake

Cady has a bounty hunter on her trail.

Someone forwarded me a deep space transmission that suggests my old friend Cadence Drake is in more trouble than usual.

You might know Cady. Spaceship pilot, independent finder of lost things out in settled space?

Has mad skills in locating people? And trouble?


Well, my unknown ally has said I’ll receive all the interceptions findable that run from the bounty hunter tracking Cady to the client who’s paying to have her tracked.(Evidently the transmissions in the ​other direction are better hidden.)

And if you’re willing to read through these transmissions and see if you can pick up any clues about:

  • Who the client is
  • Why he or she is looking for Cady
  • Who the person sending me these intercepts is
  • Or where Cady might be and whether she’s okay or not…


…I’d appreciate the help.

You can email me by replying to any of the intercepts, and let me know what your theory is.

Want to get a look at the bounty hunter’s first transmission?

Send me the transmissions.

If you’re willing to help me out here, I appreciate it. I get the feeling that what’s coming after Cady is big and bad.


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4 responses to “Cady has a bounty hunter on her trail.”

  1. Holly Lisle Avatar
    Holly Lisle

    The mystery readers will be investigating actually connects to a core story element in an upcoming Cady novel.

  2. Laura Avatar

    Cool! I love puzzles!

  3. Troy Avatar

    Sounds cool.

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