Cady Drake meets the world – Sneak peek…

HtCB Cady515X800Becky did a gorgeous job. The book with the new cover is already showing up in a couple places, but I’ll do a check and links tomorrow, along with the cover reveal.

This is just because it took me all day to get the book done and published.

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6 responses to “Cady Drake meets the world – Sneak peek…”

  1. Bonnie Avatar

    I have yet to meet Cady but she just got a LOT more interesting to me! Nice job!

    1. Holly Avatar

      Becca did a brilliant job of illustrating her.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Right? I was thrilled.

  2. Elizabeth Avatar

    Very nice! Rebecca did a fantastic job!

    1. Holly Avatar

      I agree.

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