Cadence Drake Series

HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD (Cadence Drake Book 1) Cadence Drake takes on a job finding a missing space yacht–a job that turns into a deadly nightmare. This is the first novel in the Cadence Drake series of linked stand-alones.

Cadence Drake is a finder of lost things. Badger Bede is a technical wizard adept at creating programs that make Cady’s life easier. Both are handy with a stunner.

All their talents are put to the test as they search for the Corrigan’s Blood, a new kind of TFN-drive spaceship with some very special abilities. At first it looks like their dream job — the job that will allow them to pay off their own ship, the Hope’s Reward, and to be more picky about the clients and work they accept — but they quickly learn that every dream has a price.

Because behind the stolen ship lies the mystery of the people who stole it, people who appear to be using this insanely expensive vessel and others like it to smuggle inexpensive medicine to people who don’t need it.

And behind that mystery is another…

Why are all these people linked to Cady’s past and the one person who made it impossible for her to ever go home again?

And why does everyone in the universe want Cady dead?

——–HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD includes a link in the back of the book for a download of the song “Didn’t Expect That,” written and performed by the author, with the author’s musician brother-in-law providing the very cool lead guitar part, one of the two rhythm tracks, and a lot of training on how to mix music (on limited
equipment with no speakers).

The author notes that this song sounds much better if listened to while wearing headphones or earbuds.

The author also notes, drolly, that this song also sounds much better if you keep in mind that I’m a writer who sings and plays guitar, and not a singer or guitarist who writes novels.

WARPAINT (Cadence Drake Book 2) No place to run, no place to hide…

The job sounded simple enough; locate a space miner’s missing wives. Quick. Easy. Painless. As a professional finder of lost things, Cadence Drake has learned in the hardest way imaginable that there’s no such thing as a quick or easy job. For the past year, pain has been her constant companion, and death her only refuge.

When she falls into the middle of a horror that portends the end of trillions of human lives, and everything that human beings have created throughout settled space, she seeks the last people who know that she’s still alive, looking for a way to fight the unthinkable evil she’s discovered.

Now she and four special ex-slaves face off against the end of all worlds, giving themselves to the thing they most fear in order to save what they most love. They’re outnumbered billions-to-five, and they might already be too late.

Darkout is coming.

And Cady’s coming with it….


About this Book
WARPAINT is Holly Lisle’s 33rd novel.

It’s also a story told in several mediums. The back of the book includes links you can easily type into any browser to download both free original songs written and performed by the author, and free MINECRAFT(TM) maps of spaceships in the world, as well as one space station.

SPACESHIPS AND WORLDS (Free Downloads) Fun and free original MINECRAFT(TM) maps by the author.


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  4. Martin Sandberg Avatar
    Martin Sandberg

    Any idea of when The Wishbone Conspiracy will be out?

    Thanx for your great work!

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      I have to write The Emerald Sun first. Anticipate that taking about a year.

      Then I’ll start on The Wishbone Conspiracy and including writing, revision, and editing, anticipate that taking a year too.

      So… It’ll be a while.

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