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Cadence Drake in Real Life: Now legal, soon possible. I win! :D — 3 Comments

  1. I’m not sure I’m wild about that approval — yes, the good things, I hope will work out. On the other hand, your science fiction has come to pass in the real world. THAT is a huge deal, and congratulations are in order. Many science fiction writers don’t live to see their fiction come to fruition in real life. You have.

    With some trepidation, I decided to participate in the VA’s Million Veteran Program, which is researching genetic impacts on service members (that’s a very loose translation of the program).

  2. I suspect it won’t be such a easy task here in the states, at least some of them… given the reaction to mere genetically modified foods, I can’t imagine that genetically modified humans will go over well.

  3. What’s that argument about life and/or science following art or vice versa?

    Here you have your case. Did Cady come from a corner of your mind that extrapolated fragments of existing genetic engineering theory? Or can later discussion bring in the paradox of which came first–Cady or human genetic modification in the real world.

    I like it.

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