Bumps in the road

Found myself offline for almost a week right after switching the community over to new software but before completing the debugging, and during the time that our server changed software and ate our chat suite. I got a lot of writing done, all offline of course. And came back and started running like wild just to catch up.

So …. pant, pant …. stuff is more or less functioning, I had one good night’s sleep, and I’ll see if I can swerve around the rest of those exciting bumps in the road.

Still working on Midnight Rain, incidentally. The stuff I wrote yesterday and the day before, about 4000 words, is all crap and has to go. Dammit. I was about to hit my necessary word limit.

So. Onward.

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One response to “Bumps in the road”

  1. Joel Avatar

    Welcome back. And cheering over here on the sidelines as you continue with Midnight Rain. You can do it, Holly.

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