Bulgarian Rights

Got the neatest news today. I sold (or, rather, Penguin Putnam sold) Bulgarian translation rights to MIDNIGHT RAIN; the book should be available in Bulgaria and wherever else the purchasing publisher distributes sometime this month.

Bulgarian rights. So cool.

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9 responses to “Bulgarian Rights”

  1. Angelique Avatar

    Holly, you made it 10 years in a terrifyingly difficult and dangerous profession:). I’m going on year 3 and feel like my eardrums are gonna pop. Floor nursing isn’t my cup of tea, and I’d rather quit than go into administration. I’m still writing though!! You have been an incredible inspiration.

  2. Holly Avatar

    The Cherry Ames books were, in fact, pretty good; they were written in an era when to be a nurse meant also choosing to remain single and to be dedicated solely to the nursing career. The books had a sense of mission, they were both idealistic and bleak; they were filled with instances of self-sacrifice.

    It might not be coincidental that when I grew up, I became an RN and worked as a nurse for ten years.

    The focus on mission is still a big part of my life, though the mission has changed.

  3. Mary Avatar

    Cherry Ames nurse books! Wow – you’re the first person I’ve met that read those, too!

  4. katiefleck Avatar

    Too cool, congratulations!

  5. arainsb123 Avatar

    Congratulations! I, too, finished Midnight Rain a few days ago and raced through it in one sitting. It was one of the most suspenseful books I’ve ever read.

    I actually posted a review for it, but a virus infected all the files for my old Blosxom blog, so my blog’s new URL is http://andersbruce.blogspot.com/ .

  6. Breece Avatar

    Yay! Congratulations! I just received my copy, ordered locally (sometimes I listen and behave when it counts :).

  7. Bridget Avatar


  8. TinaK Avatar

    Bravo! It’s good to know that other countries are going to enjoy your work.

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