Building the Tools

I spent a couple of precious days building databases for Talyn. While a little voice in the back of my head was running around in circles screaming, “Pages, pages, do pages, you fool,” this other little voice kept saying, “Remember how much fun it was to hunt down the meaning of a word you created in book one by the time you were in book three?”

I did remember. I’ve never worked with databases before, preferring the old-fashioned method of putting together notebooks. But notebooks take time, are are hard to update, and don’t sort worth a damn.

I can’t swear that these will be great tools. I may need to revise them a bit more before I’m done with them, but they’re a useful start. And if you use a Mac and have both OS X and Appleworks for OS X, you can try them out. They’re compressed into .sit files.

Click or, if that doesn’t work, right-click on the links to download whichever ones you want to try.

They aren’t password protected, so you can modify them (a number of the radio buttons are for Talyn-specific characteristics) — if you do any signifcant improvements, add any new categories that expand the usefulness of these, or whatever, let me know and maybe send me a copy.

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3 responses to “Building the Tools”

  1. Carmen Hudson Avatar

    Thanks for posting those up!

  2. Jim Woosley Avatar
    Jim Woosley

    FWIW, I’ve started a MSAccess data base which covers characters and scene situations for one of the novels I’m working on. (Of course, I haven’t looked at it since Jann passed away, but I want to get to work on that novel again Real Soon Now.)

    I don’t know how useful what I’ve started might be to you, but I’ll be glad to prepare a blank data base form that people can download and adapt.

    Holly, if you want to look it over and see if it would be helpful to have available OL here, please E-mail or respond to this thread and I’ll respond. (I think I’d prefer not to post my e-mail address until some of the firefights die out…..)

    Take care….

  3. Jaye Eldritch Avatar
    Jaye Eldritch

    Ooh, fun. I was just thinking last night, as I typed out words that would have no meaning to anyone but me, that I was going to have to get those words written down at some point in time. Too bad I don’t have a Mac. Ah well, I can just use notebooks for now.

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