Building into a nice conflict for my main character and the town… and UP NEXT…

Got the words. Like the words.

Got 1260 words total for the day (so just over my daily objective), and 54,792 in the book.

I also stole a line from one of my poems posted on this site as a quote for my main character’s most important ally, because it was perfect for the place and the situation, and using it fit the character.

Since the series is coming out pseudonymously, I’m betting I’m going to have to credit the use of the poem in the acks, or get called out by readers who recognize it from the novel under my own name where it was first published.


My MC had a rough day today, and by that I mean that I had a rough day getting what I needed out of her. We got there, but the temptation to smack her over the head with a frozen trout while we were working through her fears to get to what she’d actually doing… well…

She wanted to dither, I wanted her to get to the point, and we compromised in the middle, with me finally figuring out the importance of her dithering, and how that GOT her to the right point.

So now, with words for the day that I’ve decided I like, I’m going to head off to start fixing email links in lesson reminders for my classes, and rebuilding the lesson reminder lists for my writing students.

I’m bringing back the frozen trout, while I mutter grouchily for one moment about the biggest weakness of the Internet, which is that every time you HAVE to update/upgrade/repair something on your website, you end up creating link rot (old links posted in hard-to-reach places like inside novels and lessons that break because of the required upgrade/update/replacement).

I’m using my trout to smack at empty air, because the problem for link rot is that it’s a problem without any permanent solution. You can swing that fish all day, but there’s just nothing to hit.

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