Broaching Immortality

I finally confronted the issue of immortality head-on tonight. The scene flew. It isn’t going to stand as written—it’s a bit too fairytale-ish—though I gave it an ominous ending that I love.

563 words, and I’m working in the critical framework that I need to hold the story together. Overall, fairytale feel or not, I’m happy with what I got.

How about you?

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30 responses to “Broaching Immortality”

  1. Karen Avatar

    No writing, due to being unable to figure out where the story was going. Since I hadn’t done much plotting for it decided that was what I needed to work on. Once I started work on the plot outline the pieces started to come together. Had an epiphany when I realized that one plot element I thought was a key point isn’t a key point, but a starting point and possibly a red herring. Scene cards are the next step and then I’ll be good to go!

    Also learned some interesting things about some of my characters and how their interactions relate to the story. It’s so exciting. ^_^

  2. Littlesister Avatar

    No words today, went to painting therapy class. I managed to make grey from red, blue and yellow (don’t tell me kids in kindergarten can do that: it took me the better part of two hours!)

  3. Greg Avatar

    No words for me to post today – two funerals in two days means I’m spreading my words over the two days and will post them up tomorrow.

  4. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    0 words. I didn’t feel good all day, so I went to bed early.

  5. red_dot Avatar

    Zero words in two weeks….. I read the last Harry Potter book and then started on the first Potter. Going to read what I have so far for CH 8 and see if the voice in my head comes back.

  6. Rabia Avatar

    Got 850-ish words last night, after taking some time off to do some dot-and-line work and come up with a few new scenes. A new character has wormed her way into my story. I had planned for her to have a (very) minor role, but now she wants to go along on the journey with Kai and Duncan. O.o I had half decided that an Important Child Character was coming along, so maybe it’s good for her to be there, too, since it’s her kid. That way if K & D need to go haring off somewhere dangerous, they can leave Child Character with her.

    K, that’s looking a lot better. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. S. Megan Payne Avatar

    Sadly, I was sick last night and had to go to bed, skipping any words.

    1. JL Coburn Avatar

      Sorry to hear. I hope you’re feeling better after a bit of extra rest.

  8. Adam Avatar

    No words for me last night. Sat and watched the rest of season 1 of Castle with my sons (best show on TV right now imo), and read some more in LotR.

    did have a eureka moment on my novel though… what has been troubling me isn’t anything i’ve written (yet), it is the antagonist that i’ve set up. he didn’t make sense, or more to say his actions didn’t. an agent of Axius wouldn’t loose his undead army against the city as i’ve written, but just keep it growing until able to push into the depths. That his actions didn’t make sense was my hurdle, and i think i’ve jumped past it.

    The resolution to this problem is simple. the necromancer isn’t from Axius, but from Dranzeem. The second that i decided this, the whole story started to flow for me again, and all was right with the world. By making the necromancer a Drandal instead of a Tordal, i set up more political intrigue for the sequel, as one of the states in the confederacy has basically attempted to subvert its primary rival. i also give a reason for the agents of Axius to be appreciative of what my MC will do (for the epilogue), and also tie the narrator’s past into the primary conflict, as the necromancer serves the devil that is hunting my MC.

    will probably take the rest of this week off from working on my novel, as i want to finish up LotR before i start writing (don’t like reading anything when i’m in write mode… maybe it’s just me, but if i’m reading something while i write i seem to take on some of their voice, and i don’t want that in this work at all)

    good luck to you all!

  9. Kait Nolan Avatar

    359 last night. Not as many as i’d hoped, but I was really floundering on where to go with this scene.

  10. Peggy Avatar

    766 on DG, a “scene beat” transition between the one with the two bad guys and the one with the detectives interviewing the teenage girl. It needed to be there, and it set up a nice little complication in the middle.

    Next up is the interview.

  11. Mark Avatar

    I was very tired tonight, but I still made time for 369 words. Tomorrow someone dies.

    A friend of mine just reached 90k in her story (full story should be about 95k). She thinks she’ll be done with the first draft in a few days. I can’t wait to read it.

    1. Mark Avatar

      Went to bed, intending only to read a chapter of a book, but ended up reading the whole thing, so I’m dead today. Even worse, the book was a mess, in need of some serious fixing. It involved a lot of poor logic in the world building.

      1. HannaBelle Avatar

        I know the feeling. I have spent more nights awake finishing reading a book than I care to count.

  12. Erin Kendall Avatar

    830 new words. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Erin K.

  13. Jessica Avatar

    147 slowly transitioning to the next scene but stalled realizing that there is a big difference between the emotions they SHOULD have and how they ARE. I’m also wondering if that’s partly because my psyche wants things to be happier in my own life. I’m in denial but last night realized I can’t put things off much longer.

  14. Khena Avatar

    I’m back.. it’s only been a week or so, but it seems longer. My internet and such is back and running, but I am sorry to admit I didn’t write anything since I’ve been gone. I did a little planning for NaNo and read a great set of books. There were six of them, two trilogies that were related, and I never finished them. I was pregnant at the time, and these were some of the most emotional books I’ve ever read and I just couldn’t deal with them. I decided it was high time I finished them, and grabbed the first book and burned through all six of them.

    But, I’m done now, so I can put reading out of my mind, and get back to writing =)

  15. HannaBelle Avatar

    Though I wrote a lot yesterday, I am not going to count the words. I was working on story sentences, then got an ah, ha about the characters. Plan to do that today, maybe not actual writing again. We’ll see.

  16. Debora Avatar

    108 words, before I got sidetracked into looking up information for my daughter, which needed to be done. I was not procrastinating.

    I still don’t know what to do with one of my characters. Do I need him at all? Should he stay the good guy I thought he was — or is he just an irrepressible flirt? Has he already died (in the big cavalry battle at Brandy Station on June 9th, 1863), or will he die at Gettysburg? If the latter, will he be mortally wounded or killed outright?

    Why keep him in? Because he complicates things.
    Why write him out? Because he complicates things too much.


  17. Scarlett Avatar

    I’m back after a little absence, ok a few weeks! I went on the course I was booked on and it was fantastic. As a consequence I now need to redraft my first draft from five p.ov. to two – not much work then. I’m also toying with the idea of rewriting it in the present tense. The book is for children aged 12+ set in our world, now, but with a fantasy element. My reason for changing to present tense would be to make it more immediate – a ‘ this is happening right now’ feeling. If anyone has any strong (or even weak opinions) on this I would be extremely grateful to hear them. thanks, Scarlett

  18. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    0 words but I sent out two more queries.

  19. Charmaine Avatar

    The roll is over 514 words tonight and struggled to get those. May be able to save one paragraph – the rest is absolutely – blehhh.
    I wrote a descriptive passage about a kid putting on a seatbelt. Yup. Not good. Still have time but decided I should step away from the qwerty tonight -just not gonna happen.
    Did have a good planning day for my nano plot though, using lesson 8 of HTTS, over 40 little cards brimmed with ideas.

    1. Charmaine Avatar

      Yay, after a break from strangling my narrative, 761 words more for Dog Show Detective, this time they are good (well better anyway) and are heading towards the solution of the mystery – not just focusing on two people sitting in a car waiting for someone. They were bored, I was bored and lord knows my readers would have fallen asleep in that car. Not my 2k daily goal (training for nano) but at least the story is coming back.

  20. Ieva Avatar

    I finished that short story added 100+ words on Vega. I’m stuck like 3K before the ending. How’s that for lame?

  21. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    330 words – Development.

    Doing plot cards for the Bodyguard’s subplot. Trying to figure out who betrays who and who remains loyal. And when.

    1. Dalton Lynne Avatar
      Dalton Lynne

      Is that you, from the LSB group?

      1. The Pencil Neck Avatar
        The Pencil Neck

        This is me from a lot of groups.

        Including the LSB group. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    I got 558 words tonight. (Not a round number… I’m not sure whether to be disappointed or relieved.) Cricket tried to get the elf through the iron gate and ended up causing her pain and weakening her abilities. Not that it mattered…

  23. Michelle Avatar

    350 for me. I finally decided to stop forcing past tense and let it be present, since that’s clearly just what it is. Which means the past 30k needs a little rewriting…but that’s okay!

  24. JL Coburn Avatar

    0 Words tonight, shame on me. I got to preoccupied with the wife’s AVON business and building her a new PC to clear my head. It’s hard to think about writing while crunching all those numbers. I’ll do better tomorrow though.

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