Briefly…Wrapping up Think Sideways, and the new novel

I’m okay. I’m STILL working my ass off. But I hired someone yesterday to copyedit the Think Sideways course, and in doing so, bought myself the time I need to get the Think Sideways Grad stuff done before I start the “Dreaming the Dead” novel.

That’s my next project, and I hope to start getting my ideas for it down into a coherent plan right around the first of February. I’ll be doing this in detail in the Think Sideways grad area, but I’ll post updates here.

Someone asked if the Charter Member benefits for Think Sideways were only for people who would graduate by February 27th. Would be kind of mean of me to mention them if they were only available to folks who started the course five months ago.


If you join the course before midnight EDT on February 27th, you’ll be a charter member when you graduate, and you don’t have to do some forced march through the course to graduate by a specific date. The ONLY cutoff date is the 27th. If you’re in by then, you’re golden.

Back to getting the Grad stuff put together, because by next month, I want to start talking about writing fiction again as someone who’s doing it.

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  1. Jason Avatar

    Good luck, Holly. I look forward to when you’re somewhat more settled and can update again.

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