Fiction: Books, Stories, Poetry, Anthologies

As I write this (at the beginning of 2017), I’ve written millions of words of published fiction. You’ll find some complete short stories here, poetry excerpted from some of my novels or reprinted from the magazines in which they first appeared, and complete chapters for everything for which I can find the chapters.

I only have one book that I can’t name: It was ghostwritten for a series by a nonexistent author with other books in the series written by other ghosts. Neither the genre nor the subject matter would be of interest to my readers, and the NDA was quite specific. I wrote it, I got a couple thousand bucks for doing it, and aside from noting that I once wrote such a book, I can say nothing more.

I’ll be adding to my FICTION section as I make time: At the moment a lot of pages are stubs that will get chapters and cover art and links to the available books. I did a complete re-think of my site, and realized that I had whole books and series that I’d neglected to present.

So I’m fixing that. It’ll take a while, but I’m getting there. If you want to know when I add new things, be sure to join the Reader List at the bottom of the page.

Nonfiction: Writing Classes, Workshops, and More

Along with my published fiction, I’ve written millions of words of published nonfiction. You’ll find about a hundred thousand of those words of my nonfiction in the Articles pages of this site. But those articles are just the tip of a truly enormous iceberg: They range from such short writing courses as my Clinic Series (Create a Character Clinic, Create A Plot Clinic, Create A Language Clinic, Create A Culture Clinic, Create A World Clinic, and How to Write Page-Turning Scenes), all the way up to my flagship fiction course, How To Think Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers.

On MOST Fridays I give a free writing tip to folks who sign up for my Writing Tips emails — you’ll find the sign-up at the bottom of this and every other page.

Again, a lot of this section is currently stubs. I’ll be expanding with cover art, chapters, and links to the classes as I make time.