Book Sense

By Holly Lisle

You’ll notice that the books I mention in Book & etc I Like now have links where you can actually buy them — as I have time, I’ll be changing my books over to these links, too.

The links are for Book Sense bookstores — independent bookstores (indies) that know books, help readers, support writers … all the great things indie bookstores do. If you buy a book from these links, you’ll be supporting great bookstores.

I’m an affiliate — I’ve been avoiding being an affiliate ever since I cut my ties with Amazon, but I like what Book Sense stands for. So here I am.

DISCLOSURE: I’ll get a small percentage of sales from these links. If you want to become an affiliate, so will you. If all of us become affiliates and encourage people to buy from the indies, maybe we can help keep these great bookstores open.

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