Book Giveaway Update

If you want some of these, read A Book Giveaway (sort of).


Ready to Go
Everything from Polar Bear first entry to arvee, packed and ready to go.
Big Tall Talyn
That stack of hardcover Talyn copies go all the way to the floor. STILL.
The Mountain View
I find this view intimidating.

 Tower of Terror

And this one, too. Lots of books still left.

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19 responses to “Book Giveaway Update”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Hi, Robin,

    I’m sorry, but no. I ran out of books ages ago. Authors only get a few copies of each one. I only had so many because I’d written so many books.

    It was fun to see the big piles of them. But even nicer to have the freed-up space once they were gone.

  2. Robin Smith Avatar
    Robin Smith

    Hi Holly,
    I feel kind of foolish asking this seeing that this post was in 2007. But then I convinced myself to take my chances on feeling stupid. Holding on to the truth of “You won’t know if you don’t ask”. So here it is. Does your free book offer still stand, if I pay postage? While standing in the truth of my, financial situation, I figure free is a gift from God. And I’m the bull dog to lock down on it with clinched teeth. That is if the offer still stands. and, to ask you another question, Looking at your work in print do you feel you’ve done yourself proud? I look, and all I can say is Wow!.

  3. Pamk Avatar

    I would love to have some of these. Talyn sounds fantastic. I have heard good things about your books but have had the pleasure. If you have six different books that would be great.

  4. Nandini Avatar

    Oh, I have Paypal and live in NY.

  5. Nandini Avatar

    Hi Holly, if you still have any books left I would love to get them! (I’ve been on vacation, sorry I didn’t respond sooner.) I already have copies of the following:
    1. Fire in the Mist
    2. Minerva Wakes
    3. Sympathy for the Devil
    4. The Secret Texts trilogy
    5. Midnight Rain
    6. Night Echoes

    I loaned out my hardcover of Talyn to a friend and never got it back, so that’s one book I’m hoping to get – but of course getting any of your books as a gift is brilliant.


  6. Holly Avatar

    Zink–thank you very much for the list. It will help a lot.

    Everyone–thanks for the wrist-hand wishes. Lot of pain today, bearing with it. I have a whole lotta books–I think just about everyone will get a box.

  7. wiseraven Avatar

    Oops, sorry Holly! I didn’t get to read your explanation post before I wrote the previous request. wiseraven feels foolish! ;P

  8. wiseraven Avatar

    If I’m not too late, I’d also like to make a request. I have already bought all of your writing clinics and love them, they have helped me so much. Thank you!

    I’ll take up to 3 boxes (if you still have anything left). 2 hardcover Talyn, + I prefer any/all of your World Gates, Matrin, and Arhel novels, (otherwise, anything left over is fine-I know I am late, I love your style of writing). Hardback & paper both fine. I have paypal and live in California.
    Thank you for the generous offer you have given your fans!

  9. Zink Johnson Avatar
    Zink Johnson

    Heh, by free time, it was actually “time I should have been writing.” (Although I did kinda think the underlining would show up. Oh well.)

    Interestingly enough, my dad says there’s a feature of Microsoft Excel that would literally cross-reference and organize the orders to the point where all she would have to do was hit “print” and get all the orders, in label form.

    Any Excel whizzes out there?

  10. PJ Avatar

    Eh – I’ll skip the teleport and just take some of Zinc’s free time – if it’s available! 😉

  11. Miri Avatar

    Dang, Zink! When you said “Free time,” I didn’t think you were as crazy as…as me!

    BookLover, sign me up for the next teleport.

  12. BookLover Avatar

    Wow, Zinc – that is very nice of you, to calculate and organize the requests! Now if I could just teleport to Holly’s and help her pack and address them all, and save her aching wrists!

  13. Zink Johnson Avatar
    Zink Johnson

    Holly- me and my conspicious amounts of free time decided to go through the thread and make a checklist. If this doesn’t copy&paste right, I can email it to you. (Actually, what I really hope is that somebody didn’t already do this. Oh man, that would suck.)

    This checklist is probably ridiculously complicated, and requires a key. Many apologizes.

    The names are listed, then separated from the request by a dash. I used a semicolon; to separate each request as with some of them, it was difficult to tell where one started and the other began. (Numbers in italics and parenthesis are how many boxes they want. Not everyone gave a number.) ALL CAPS is a genre, just for clarity’s sake. Names in italics are from countries outside the US. Names listed by themselves made no request. Some requesters listed more than one name, so I tried to list both. There were some requests for “books before So and So”, which I thought I’d leave to you, having written them. I’d be insulting your intelligence to explain what Duplicates Okay means. If I have already, I really didn’t mean to- I just want this to be as helpful to you as possible.

    • Mandy – Talyn,
    • Hypatia –Tayln, preferably signed
    • KatFeete – Duplicates okay
    • TinaK – paperback sized Vengeance of Dragons (3 boxes)
    • Anders –The Devil and Dan Cooley; Hell on High; Night Echoes; Talyn
    • Keely – Glenraven¸ signed, if available; Talyn; newer books
    • Redox
    • Enjoel (Mary) – Duplicates okay (1+)
    • Jessiegirl21
    • Ejoy – I See You; paperback Talyn.
    • Polar Bear –Something older than Secret Text (1+)
    • Joelysue –Something before Midnight Rain; signed Talyn
    • PJ – signed Talyn; I See You; a World Gate or Secret Text; Vincalis (already has WG and ST trilogies, Midnight Rain, and Last Girl Dancing)
    • Arconna
    • Tkiller – HISTORICAL FICTION; no particular request
    • Lizb – (has World Gate series) ¬¬hardback ¬Talyn, would like anything. (1 or 2)
    • Tech – Gods Old and Dark; galley.
    • Erin – Paperback Talyn; Vincalis the Agitator; galley proofs of anything; paperback Last Girl Dancing. Duplicates okay
    • Justin
    • HeatherWrites – The Secret Texts trilogy; Sympathy For The Devil; Minerva Wakes; Midnight Rain. Likes anything, though.
    • Steph – Talyn; Midnight Rain. (Owns Last Girl Dancing, Sympathy for the Devil, and Fire in the Mist.) Is not picky.
    • Meiran – hardback Talyn; older books.
    • Taambo.
    • Spring Gem (Lavern) – Talyn; World Gate
    • Shawa – hardback Talyn; World Gate; most recent 2. (has Secret Text Trilogy.)
    • Death By Absurdity – Duplicates okay
    • Jacqelyn – Older books.
    • Writing Angel (New Zealand)
    • Kaos Theory
    • Cherylp – Secret Text Trilogy; galley; ROMANTIC SUSPENSE.
    • Starspoon 87
    • Laceysavage (Canada)
    • Matt Scudder – SUSPENSE; Talyn
    • Jackie – Duplicates okay
    • Lady Q – Vengeance of Dragons
    • Stephenie M – Talyn and Matrin novels Duplicates okay
    • Naomi – Talyn; SUSPENSE Duplicates okay
    • Lohengrin – Canada. Talyn; Night Echoes, in bubble mailer. [sic]
    • Inkblot – Australia. (has Talyn) Duplicates kind of okay
    • Kilharrd (Katie) – UK. (has Talyn and first 3 suspense novels) Older books.
    • Selene – Europe. Galleys.
    • Chassit – (has Diplomacy of wolves; Talyn; Vengeance of Dragons; Courage of Falcons; I See You) Vincalis the Agitator
    • Mo oleo (Aloha and Mahalo, Susan Flemming) Duplicates okay
    • Zuzu – (has read Talyn) paperbacks, FANTASY
    • Book Lover – Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood; ST and WG trilogies; Talyn; Vincalis the Agitator; Medwin Song; Bones of the Past; Mind of Magic; Fire in the Mist… phew. Book Lover indeed.
    • Valerie – preferably paperback signed Talyn; WG trilogy
    • Embar – UK. Talyn; Diplomacy of Wolves
    • Erin H – (has Secret Texts; Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood; Talyn; Midnight Rain; and Last Girl Dancing.) Anything else.
    • Maxx – Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood.
    • Mr Roberts – UK. Talyn.
    • Zink Johnson – Vincalis the Agitator; the Secret Text trilogy; Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood; Sympathy for the Devil
    • Sidavisca

    I know it doesn’t show on a checklist, but a vast majority of them thanked you for your tremendous generosity and wished you and your wrists a speedy recovery. A few select others have asked if it’s alright to link to a writing community, spread the word, and sell/give away duplicates
    I have 52 requests listed here… assuming you don’t run out of hardbacks (unlikely) that’s 364+ books. Enjoy!

  14. Mokierock Avatar


    Hope I’m not too late. I would like to ask if I can be added to the list. I have a paypal account already and would like to participate in the book giveaway. I would prefer no duplicates but I can find homes for the extras if I need to. Otherwise anything I great. I will read them all.

  15. BookLover Avatar

    I already posted my request, Holly, just wanted to add that I have PayPal and that multiple copies of anything is fine – have bookworm relatives and friends! Any of the Baen are fine – I haven’t read your whole backlist (yet). Thanks.

  16. MarFisk Avatar

    Posting for Maripat. I’ll send her details in email. She can’t get the WordPress Login to work.

    Me, I already have all the books I can think of :)…unless you wrote something I don’t know about.


  17. lizb Avatar

    Good grief! You’ll need extra insulation this winter 😉

  18. Carlie Avatar

    wow, that looks so exciting!

  19. TJ Avatar

    Where’s the part where your house goes?

    That view certainly is intimadting to say the least.

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